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wound closure

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wound closure

Nexcare Steri Strip 6mm x 75mm White 3 Strips

Catalogue Number: 521803

…Steri-Strip Skin Closures are reinforced with polyester filaments for maximum strength Dosage Clean dry wound. Tincture may be applied to increase adhesion Commence closure at mid-point of wound Apply one-hald of first Steri-Strip Skin Closure press firmly into place.Appose wound edges press free…

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Leukostrip 6.4mm x 76mm 3 Strips

Catalogue Number: 650056

3 pieces wound closure strips Indications sterile as long as this package is closed and undamaged. for single use only

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Leukostrip 3 Pouches of 3 Strips (6.4mm x 76mm)

Catalogue Number: 544702

…Dosage To remove Leukostrip wound closure strips, bathe the wound area with water and gently lift off from the middle, pulling away gently to the outside edges. Leukostrip wound closure strips can be removed after 3-5 days or once healing is advanced enough to ensure the wound is closed. For single…

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