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Wart Off 6ml

Catalogue Number: 563011

…jelly around it, NOTon it b. Paint around it with Nail varnish c. Use a felt corn ring d. Cut plaster around wart 2. Apply a very small amount of Wart-Off on the top of the wart only, using the applicator. Avoid contact with the surrounding skin. 3. Allow the Wart Off paint to dry, then cover the…

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Wart Off Stick 5g

Catalogue Number: 672602

…easily Destroys wart tissue Easy to use No messy liquids For the treatment of common warts and popular warts. AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MADE Indications Wart-Off stick easily removes common and planter warts. Warts are viral infections of the skin. Viral warts may appear at any age, but are most commonly…

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Wart Off Freeze 38ml

Catalogue Number: 745542

20ml Provides an innovative treatment for the removal of warts both on the hands and feet. Its special design and the unique easy-to-use application method make this device particularly suitable for home use. Unnecessary pain is avoided as the wart-freezing action is short-lived and gradual this…

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