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wart removal cream

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wart removal cream

Wart Off Stick 5g

Catalogue Number: 672602

…CHILDREN Wart remover and removes warts easily Destroys wart tissue Easy to use No messy liquids For the treatment of common warts and popular warts. AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MADE Indications Wart-Off stick easily removes common and planter warts. Warts are viral infections of the skin. Viral warts may…

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Wart Off 6ml

Catalogue Number: 563011

Wart Remover for common plantar warts Indications Removes warts quickly, destroys wart tissue, safe effective, special pinpoint applicator, maximum strength. How to use: mask the area around the wart by smearing petroleum jelly around it.Apply a very small amount of wart off on the top of the wart

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Lamisil Cream 15g

Catalogue Number: 544908

…continue using the cream for the recommended period, The reason is that , if you use the lamisil crean for only a few days it may not remove all the fungi from the affected areas. And as a result, the infection may return soon after you stop using the cream. Dosage Lamisil cream is usually applied…

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