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Sebamed Face & Body Wash 1 Litre

Catalogue Number: 639403

…the acid mantle is supported in safeguarding the body against toxins, pathogens and dryness precipitated through excessive transdermal water loss. sebamed Liquid Face Body Wash meets the skins needs for mild, effective, deep cleansing of the pores to protect the health and beauty of your skin. FOR…

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Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion 200ml

Catalogue Number: 519772

Helps suppliment the skins natural moisture. Easily obsorbed by the skin, non-oily. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple and healthy. Can be used on face and body Cooling soothing effect after sunbathing Indications Apply sparingly as often as req. Dosage Apply sparingly as often as req. Warnings…

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Sebamed Hair Repair Conditioner 200ml

Catalogue Number: 583813

The pH 5.5 stimulates the scalps own natural protective acid mantle. It remains healthy, preventing swelling of the sensitive keratin layer of the hair Indications Contains a specially selected complex of active ingredients and plant extracts, which penetrate deep into the hair and provide special…

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Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion 400ml

Catalogue Number: 620262

…skin. A soothing body lotion for all over use. A pleasant facial moisturizer. Indications What is special about Sebamed lotion It has the same PH value 5.5 as healthy skin, thus sebamed lotion stabilizes the skins own acid mantle. This mantle helps to prevent inflammation and irritation. This…

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Sebamed Childrens Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 632676

…The 100 soap and alkali free, mild emollient formula is the ideal care for the delicate scalp and fine hair of babies and small children. Baby Sebamed Childrens Shampoo with its pH value of 5.5 promotes the development of the scalps physiological acid mantle. A healthy scalp is important for the…

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Sebamed Every Day Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 593811

…and Alkali free. Extra mild cleansing for daily hair care. Retains moisture adds volume. Pleasant delicate fragrance. Indications The formula of sebamed Everday Sahmpoo is based on a new generation of mild organic cleansing agents and an active moistirizing compound to provide the optimal solution…

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Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam 150ml

Catalogue Number: 617890

Sebamed clear face antibacterial cleansing foam, combats pimple blackheads and skin impurities gently deep cleanses pores, effective antibacterial action montaline c40, panthenol soothes and regenerates the skin. Indications The mild soap and alkali free wash active ingredients ensures good skin…

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Sebamed Face & Body Wash 500ml

Catalogue Number: 543421

Extremely mild safeguards the skins natural protective film Gently and effectively deep cleanses pores Ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin Ideal for skin which is soap intolerant Indications The face and body wash has a unique formulation which exactly matches the 5.5ph of…

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Sebamed Cleansing Bar 150g

Catalogue Number: 523425

Helps maintain the natural balance of healthy skin Gently cleanses and refreshes without irritation or tightness of the skin. Suitable for sensative skin problem skin such as acne or other skin irritations. Ideal for skin which is soap intolerable. Indications For oily skin use warm water. For dry…

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Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel 50ml

Catalogue Number: 861728

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Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 634117

For use in the nappy area Contains a large quantity of D-Panthenol. Effective preventation of infections and nappy rash Indications Helps prevent rashes Promotes the build-up of the skins protective acid mantle v

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Sebamed Clear Face Anti Pimple Gel 10ml

Catalogue Number: 607892

Sebamed clear face anti-pimple cream 10ml, ph 5.5 clinically tested Indications Anti-bacterial cream covers and clears pimples. Effective relief from pimples and blackheads while caring for the skin, reduces inflammation and dries out pimples. Dosage After cleansing apply anti-pimple cream directly…

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Sebamed Anti Age Q10 Firm Body Lot 200ml

Catalogue Number: 679285

…ingredient complex. Improves elasticity of the skin. Guarantees smooth, supple skin. Medicinal Skin Care System. For all skin types. Indications The sebamed Anti-Ageing skin care management system has been created to support the natural metabolic processes and receptivity of the skin to prolong its…

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Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft 200ml

Catalogue Number: 932291

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Sebamed Clear Face Facial Toner 150ml

Catalogue Number: 785622

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