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Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Hem-6221

Catalogue Number: 919934

$154.99 Add to Cart

Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7280T

Catalogue Number: 481061

The Omron Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor will allow you to track your readings via the OMRON connect App by wirelessly syncing to your smartphone. Omron HEM7280T Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Features Bluetooth Connectivity / OMRON connect App Compatible Automatically applies the right amount…

$199.99 Add to Cart

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Hem 7320 Ultra Premium

Catalogue Number: 947936

$169.99 Add to Cart

Omron Premium BPM HEM 7322

Catalogue Number: 961641

The Omron Premium home blood pressure monitor has advanced features, providing users with detailed blood pressure information. The Omron Premium blood pressure monitor is Australias best-selling home blood pressure monitoring device. This device reassures the user that an accurate reading is being…

$159.99 Add to Cart

Omron Electronic TENS Massager HVF127

Catalogue Number: 736016

Soothe away all kinds of pains with a range of flexible programs Use gentle stimulation to relieve muscle and nerve pain symptoms. If youre especially active, the massage function is very beneficial for muscle and shoulder or neck stiffness. With a range of different treatment programs, including a…

$122.99 Add to Cart

Elise Pelvic Floor Excerciser

Catalogue Number: 692400

$159.99 Add to Cart

Omron AC Adapter Power Pack For Bpm

Catalogue Number: 706313

$39.00 Add to Cart

Omron Ear Thermometer TH839S

Catalogue Number: 838696

The Omron Ear thermometer provides quick 10 second readings, with professional accuracy. Product Features Fast 10 second readings Professional accuracy Last reading recall Water resistant Beeps when measurement complete Automatic shut-off Readable in Celsius and Fahrenheit Oral, rectal, underarm use…

$58.99 Add to Cart

Omron Digital Thermometer MC343F

Catalogue Number: 909557

$9.99 Add to Cart

Omron Digital Thermometer MC341

Catalogue Number: 507316

Omron digital thermometer offers safe, accurate and quick temperature reading For Oral and Underarm measurement Broad measuring sensor tip gives a more comfortable and accurate reading Fast, 60 seconds measurement for oral Accurate, measures actual temperature in C F Jumbo, clear display easy to…

$6.69 Add to Cart

Omron Digital Thermometer MC246

Catalogue Number: 726112

For oral, rectal and underarm measurement. Fast - 60 secs measurement, for oral and rectal. Accurate - actual measurement in C and F. Buzzer beeps when measurement completes. Memory - last reading recall. Specifications: Model - Didital Thermometer MC-240 Power Supply - 1.5 DC alkaline-magnesium…

$5.49 Add to Cart

Omron Digital Scale HN289 Black

Catalogue Number: 658420

$44.99 Add to Cart

Omron Electronic TENS Massager HVF128

Catalogue Number: 549893

HV - F128 electronic pulse massager. Helps relieve stiff shoulders, recovery from fatigue, improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain and neuralgia. Indications - Auto-stimulation mode for shoulders, back, joints arms/legs and soles. - Selectable pushing, tapping and j\kneading modes. - High…

$159.99 Add to Cart

Omron HVF158 Basic TENS Therapy Device

Catalogue Number: 634978

$49.99 Add to Cart

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