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heel shield

Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Shields 1 Pair

Catalogue Number: 659083

…Feet Invisible Gel Heel Shields Protect heels from shoes slipping and rubbing. 1 Pair gel heel shields. Ideal for closed back shoes. Indications Help stop shoes slipping. They also provide invisible gel cushioning to help prevent shoes rubbing and cutting in causing sore heels. Clear gel, ultra slim…

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Scholl Blister Shield Plasters Variety 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 528905

…hypoallergenic adhesive the dressing is suitable for sensitive skin. Because the treatment is washproof one dressing may last several days ideal for heels and feet. The transparent film slim makes the dressing discreet and comfortable to use. Indications Directions: Surrounding area should be clean…

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Du it Foot & Heel Balm Plus 50g

Catalogue Number: 620471

…layers. It exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminating calluses without the need for a pumice stone. Du it also shields and protects your skin with a non greasy barrier. Apply to the heels, knees, feet, or any part of the body where flakiness and dryness occurs. Regular use revives and sooths ,…

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