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Gastrolyte Orange Sachets 10

Catalogue Number: 509108

To treat and prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea and travellers gastroenteritis in all age groups Dosage fill plastic mesure to the line 200ml with fresh drinking water.For infants or where fresh drinking water is not available use freshly boiled an cooled water.Stir well.Use in infants less Empty…

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Milton Solution 1 Litre

Catalogue Number: 546300

…expression equipment and household items Indications In the first twelve months of life, before your baby builds up immunity, the risk of gastroenteritis and other illness from germs, is high. Milton disinfects all bottles, teats, breast expression equipment and feeding utensils Warnings…

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Oriental Botanicals Viraforce Capsules 60

Catalogue Number: 414645

…Honeysuckle and Echinacea this synergistic formula fortifies the immune defences to help you resist viral and bacterial infections including mild gastroenteritis and cystitis. Herbal extracts in this formula have demonstrated antiviral activity against the cold sore virus HSV-1. ViraForce contains…

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Ors Oral Rehydration Salts Orange Flavoured Sachets 10

Catalogue Number: 787374

Ors oral rehydration salts to treat and prevent dehydration due to Diarrhoea and Travellers Gastroenteritis in children and adults Dosage instructions: Empty one sachet into 200ml of fresh drinking water plastic measure provided and stir to dissolve. For infants or where fresh drinking water is not…

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