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decongestant eye drops

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decongestant eye drops

Albalon A Eye Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 530244

Eye drops for hayfever and allergy eyes Triple action formula with lubricant, decongestant and antihistamine Dosage One drop instilled in each eye every 3 to 4 hours, or as directed. Warnings If using a prescription eye products consult your doctor or pharmacist before using. Do not use in the…

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Visine Eye Drops Advanced Relief 15ml

Catalogue Number: 509798

…advanced relief sterile is a special eye drop formulation that combines the redness - relieving action of visine with three added lubricants to help improve eye comfort. Indications Decongest lubricant eye drops for the relief of redness and the discomfort of minor eye irritations caused by smoke,…

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Visine Eye Drops Allergy With Antihistamine 15ml

Catalogue Number: 527245

…hair, dust mites, feathers and air pollutants. These eye drops combine the benefits of an antihistamine to relieve the itching and pain of the allergy, with a decongestant to relieve sore eyes. Dosage Adults: Place one or two drops in each eye up to 4 times a day, or as directed by a physican. To…

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Murine Sore Eyes 15ml

Catalogue Number: 505248

eyes is a Decongestant Opthalmic Solution especially formulated to help relieve burning irritated and strained eyes Indications Possible causes/ indications, colds, overwork, driving, air conditioning ,wind, minor allergy reading, TV or VDU work, sun, glare. Dosage Gently squeeze, one to two drops

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