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Boston Advance Cleaner 30ml

Catalogue Number: 544050

…which impair the wearing comfort of rigid gas permeable lenses. Specifically formulated for use with Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution. For weekly protein removal, use Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner. Dosage See package inside product for directions. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:…

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Bausch & Lomb Boston One Step

Catalogue Number: 688460

Boston One Step Enzymatic Cleaner. 12 week Supply. Indications Convenient Liquid - No tablets or vials. Easy to use Smartdrop Dispenser. Works in lens case while disenfecting. For weekly use with Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses. This package contains the equivalent of 24 Enzymatic Tablets. Dosage…

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Boston Advance Conditioner 120ml

Catalogue Number: 554057

Boston advance comfort formula conditioning solution contains a unique presevative and wetting system designed to enhance lens performance and provide you with improved comfort.Boston advance comfort formula conditioning solution has been reformulated with patened biocompatible ingredients to…

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Boston Rewetting Drops 10ml

Catalogue Number: 564055

For rigid gas permeable contact lenses. -Rewets. -Lubricates. -Sterile. Indications Relieves minor irritation, discomfort and blurring which may occur during lens wear. Dosage Instill one to three drops into each eye as needed or as directed by your eye care practitioner. Use while contact lenses…

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Boston Simplus Multiaction Soln 120ml

Catalogue Number: 574053

…gas permeable contact lenses. Convenient and effective. Cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and conditioning. Cushions lens for comfort. Indications Boston Simplicity Solution is the most convenient RGP solution which simplifies the care of your contact lenses. This product contains a unique wetting…

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