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Naturopathica Fatblaster Tabs 60

Catalogue Number: 632601

NEW AND IMPROVED The new improved FATBLASTER now includes 3 new ingredients for even more effective weight loss . 1 Psyllium husk - suppresses appetite by expanding the stomach 2 Gurana - helps suppress appetite and increase energy 3 Bitter orange - widely used as an alternative to ephedra…

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Naturopathica Fatblaster Coconut 2 Day Detox 750ml

Catalogue Number: 823261

Feel Lighter, Slimmer and Rejuvenated in just 2 days The FatBlaster Coconut Detox 2 Day Plan is the exciting new program to help you flush away toxins while reducing belly bloat and puffiness to help you feel lighter, rejuvenated and get the body you want all in just 2 days Our special formula…

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Duromine 40mg Caps 30 (Australian Prescription Required)

Catalogue Number: 547032

…glaucoma history of drug/alcohol abuse or dependence MAOIs /- 14 days Precautions: Prolonged use, combination therapy with other weight loss drugs, rapid weight loss hypertension diabetes epilepsy coronary artery disease elderly pregnancy, lactation, children 12 years Adverse Reactions:…

Consumer Medical Information

Prescription Required

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Naturopathica Fatblaster Garcinia Max 60 Caps

Catalogue Number: 989156

FatBlaster Garcinia is the latest formula tablets from the brand FatBlaster that has long been recognised as a leader in the weight loss and meal replacement industry. The FatBlaster Garcinia contain Garcinia Camboga - Garcinias active component hydroxycitric acid HCA has been known to inhibit the…

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Zantac 12 Hour Action 150mg 14 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 717434

…You are allergic to ranitidine You are pregnant or breast feeding unless on the advie of your doctore You have recently experienced unintended weight loss You have black stools Under 12 years of age unless directed to do so by your doctor Expiry date has past or foil is broken How To Use Zantac :-…

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Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control 50 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 873130

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control is a premium quality formula containing the key ingredient, Caralluma fimbriata, to help reduce hunger levels. Hunger Control: Caralluma fimbriata is a native Indian edible cactus plant that has been traditionally used for centuries in India to help reduce hunger…

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Cabot Health Livatone Shots 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 884524

…support fat digestion and clearance, and to help prevent fat from being deposited in the liver. LivaTone Plus could be a great addition to your weight loss routine. Gallbladder support: LivaTone Plus supports healthy bile acid production and may help to increase clearance of excess cholesterol. It…

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Optifast Vlcd Bar Assorted 6 Pack

Catalogue Number: 989756

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Rapid Loss Chocolate 750g

Catalogue Number: 800347

The Rapid Loss Fullness Shake has everything you would expect from the best Meal Replacement Shake, but with a very important twist. Rapid Loss is so much more than just an ordinary meal replacement as, for the first time it also includes an ingredient that works on the same principle as gastric…

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Naturopathica Fatblaster Coconut Lemon Detox 750ml

Catalogue Number: 509690

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Natures Way SlimRight Accelerator Chocolate Shake 375g

Catalogue Number: 725088

…consumption. More information on the SlimRight Weight Loss Program at WHY CHOOSE SLIMRIGHT SHAKES We are Australias leading weight loss / meal replacement shake brand. SlimRight is the perfect way to achieve your weight loss goals without calorie counting or compromising…

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Ethical Nutrients Weight Loss Support 60 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 814947

Therapeutic applications Weight Loss Support contains Green Tea which research suggests may: - Assist weight loss. - Reduce body weight. - Decrease waist size. - Increase energy use. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: Standardised extract equivalent to: - Camellia sinensis, leaf dry Green Tea 11.3…

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Naturopathica FatBlaster Weight Loss Water Booster 48ml

Catalogue Number: 054385

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Blooms Melt Weight Loss Formula 60 Vege Capsules

Catalogue Number: 868363

For comprehensive weight loss support, Blooms Melt is naturally formulated to help burn fat, reduce cravings, and lose weight without high doses of caffeine. Blooms Melt contains four naturally derived ingredients carefully selected for their unique benefit in the formula. Thermogenic action. Helps…

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