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Scholl Corn Removal Pads 9 Medicated Discs

Catalogue Number: 543378

Especially developed for use on hard corns. Indications Contains fast acting medicated discs which ensure area is treated without affecting the surrounding skin. The supersoft pads provide cushioning and protection. Especially suitable for sensitive skins. Dosage Feet should be clean and dry. Remove…

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Wartner Wart Remover 50ml

Catalogue Number: 619134

Wart and Veruca remover. Based on the liquid nitrogen method. Contains 10 applications. Read information leaflet before use. Indications Wartner provides a new way to remove viral warts and veruccas. It is fast, effective and easy to use. Wartner works by rapidly freezing the core of the wart or…

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Wart Off Freeze 38ml

Catalogue Number: 745542

…as it encloses the wart and freezes it to the core. The transparency of the applicator head, the closed chamber application and the metered dose mechanism make the device especially safe. Treatment of the wart is fast: 10 seconds after the release of the croliquid the wart is frozen. Is specially…

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Wart Off Stick 5g

Catalogue Number: 672602

…CHILDREN Wart remover and removes warts easily Destroys wart tissue Easy to use No messy liquids For the treatment of common warts and popular warts. AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MADE Indications Wart-Off stick easily removes common and planter warts. Warts are viral infections of the skin. Viral warts may…

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Scholl Freeze Verruca & Wart Remover 80ml

Catalogue Number: 684494

…more stubborn warts or verrucas may require 2-3 applications. Liquid nitrogen freezing method used in hospitals and clinics. Dosage Attach applicator to the opening in the can, press down the dispensing button for 3-5 seconds the applicator should be applied to the centre of the wart for between…

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Zo Rub Anti Chafing Rub 75g

Catalogue Number: 857921

Protects skin from chafing and sweat rash Provides a barrier against friction to help prevent chafing. Protects and helps prevent redness and soreness caused by sweating and rubbing An effective anti-perspirant which keeps you dry. Unique water-binding moisturiser Does not stain clothing Pleasant…

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Wartie Wart Remover 50ml

Catalogue Number: 921091

…applicator on to the wart. The applicator should be applied for a maximum of 20 seconds wart / 40 seconds plantar wart. If being used by more than one person, clean the applicator with alcohol on a small piece of cloth after each application. If there are multiple warts close to each other, treat…

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Duofilm Wart Solution 15ml

Catalogue Number: 523907

Wart solution simple to use,no masking necessary,kills warts without hurting. For common and plantar warts. Indications Apply Duofilm once daily using the brush applicator from the bottle until the wart has dissappeared.Apply Duofilm directly to the wart.Duofilm active formulation kills warts

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Gold Cross Whitfields Ointment 100g

Catalogue Number: 573018

whitfields Ointmnet APF Benzoic Acid Compound Ointment 100grams Dosage Directions For Use: Apply to the affected areas up to three times a day for treament of fungal infections of the skin. Warnings For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Storage Store Below 30 c . David Graig…

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Wart Off 6ml

Catalogue Number: 563011

Wart Remover for common plantar warts Indications Removes warts quickly, destroys wart tissue, safe effective, special pinpoint applicator, maximum strength. How to use: mask the area around the wart by smearing petroleum jelly around it.Apply a very small amount of wart off on the top of the wart

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Wartner Plantar Wart Remover 50ml

Catalogue Number: 636496

…plantar warts it freezes on the spot causing the wart to fall off within 10 to 14 days, usually after one application. Two or three applications may be necessary for stubborn or more persistent warts. Dosage Soak foot in water for 50mins, then rub callous with pumice file to expose wart then press…

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Ns8 Heel Balm Complex 250ml

Catalogue Number: 630648

Nutri-synergy Ns8 Active complex. Heel Balm Complex Restores cracked heels, Natural formula, Non-greasy, Results within 8 days, Non-staining, Easily absorbed. Ns8 contains a broad spectrum of natural extracts, vitamins, moisturiswers and exfoliants that work in synergy to remore thickened skin and…

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Milky Foot Active

Catalogue Number: 627400

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Rapaid Rash Relief Powder 100g (Mundicare)

Catalogue Number: 612995

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Revive Cracked Heel Gel Socks

Catalogue Number: 440774

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