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Travacalm Natural 10 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 510575

Travacalm Natural is a natural alternative that aids the prevention of motion sickness and nausea. If you prefer natural therapies then travacalm natural is the choice for you. The main ingredient of travacalm natural is ginger, a root herb with a long history in herbal medicine for its settling…

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Buderim Ginger Travellers Friend Chews 50g

Catalogue Number: 792374

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Travacalm Original 10 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 558153

Travacalm helps prevent and treat motion sickness due to sea, air, motor vehicle or train travel. If you are travelling long distances in rough conditions or you are a nervous traveller then travacalm is the choice for you. Indications Travacalm contains the dual actives of: Dimenhydrinate 50mg,…

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Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger 45

Catalogue Number: 599944

…to travelling may ease the symptoms of nausea vomiting associated with motion sickness. May also help reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal upset from other causes may help in the treatment of morning sickness. Will not cause drowsiness. Dosage Adults: 2-3 tablets half an hour before travelling,

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Phenergan Elixir 100ml

Catalogue Number: 538524

…REACTIONS TO INSECT BITES AND STINGS. FOR THE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF TRAVEL SICKNESS Dosage allergic disorders- 2-5 years 5-15ml 6-12 years 10-25ml sedation - 2-5years - 5-15 ml 6-12 years 10-25ml travel sickness Warnings this medication contains may cause drowsiness....... avoid alcohol…

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Catalogue Number: 548155

The sea band provides effective nausea control for most sufferers from all forms of motion sickness without causing drowsiness or other side effects no drugs. The sea band is safe, harmless and may be used by adults and children all ages. It has been found effective also in other conditions that…

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Travacalm H.O. 10 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 500577

For the prevention of travel sickness. Indications Contains lactose and wheat starch. Dosage Take 30min before departure. Repeat four to six hourly if necessary. Adult: 1 or 2 tablets max 4 tablets in 24 hours. Children 2 to 7: a quarter tablet max 1 tablet in 24 hours. Children 8 to 12: A half to…

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Travelan 30 Caplets

Catalogue Number: 622678

…of Travellers Diarrhoea TD. Symptoms of TD include: Diarrhoea Fever Vomiting Nausea Abdominal Cramps Bloating Travelan also reduces the symptoms of minor gastrointestinal disorders. Indications: Independent medical statistics show that TD is the number one health problem for international travel and…

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Travel Ease- TRIPEASE 32 Tabs

Catalogue Number: 501976

Travel ease helps relieve the symptoms of motion sickness. Can be used with other types of medication. Indications Adults and children over 12yrs chew 1 tablet at start of a trip and 1 every 2hrs while problem persists. However, variation of these directions is acceptable and may be preferable. Best…

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Aquatabs Water Purification 50 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 698964

…tablets Indications Ideal for Rain, River, Standpipe and Tap Water. Camping, Trekking and Back-packing. Boating and Yaching. Holidays and Foreign Travel. revent Diarroea and stomach upsets by making water safe for drinking, cleaning teeth and for washing fruit and vegetables, by killing water borne…

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Travacalm Travel Band

Catalogue Number: 750112

Travel Band. Drug-free relief from Nausea. Contains 1 pair of wrist bands. Drug Free. No drowsiness. Indications: The Travacalm Travel Band is for the relief of nausea. It uses the science of acupressure over the Nei-Kuan point to alleviate nausea due to motion travel sickness, pregnancy morning…

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Chuckies Sickness Bags And Wipes 4 Pack

Catalogue Number: 185691

Chuckies Sickness Bags And Wipes 4 Pack Locks in vomit, urine waste. Individual vomit Bag is 15cm x 32cm. Volume 1500mL. Refer to simple instructions on back of pack. A seamless, hopital-grade vomit bag with moulded neck to fit over mouth, preventing sprays and spills. Handy pack of four also comes…

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Ethical Nutrients Travel Bug 30 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 713223

To Reduce the Risk of Diarrhoea when Travelling. Therapeutic applications Ethical Nutrients Travel Bug may: - Reduce the risk of diarrhoea when travelling. - Relieve or treat diarrhoea in both adults and children. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: - Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii 5 Billion…

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Martin & Pleasance Schuessler Nausea Relief Spray 25ml

Catalogue Number: 427585

…with: - Vomiting, morning sickness, nausea and travel sickness. - Suitable for all the imbalances that take place within our digestive system and for morning sickness during pregnancy. Use: For the temporary relief of vomiting, morning sickness, nausea and travel sickness. Dosage: - Adults: 1 dose…

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Henry Blooms Gingercalm 1000 15 Vegetarian Capsules

Catalogue Number: 848367

…For motion sickness take 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to travel, and 1 capsule every four hours if symptoms continue. For indigestion and wind take up to 4 capsules daily. For symptoms of morning sickness, take 1 capsule up to four times daily. Children over 6 years: For motion sickness take 1 capsule…

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