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Traumeel Homeopathic Natural Anti-Inflammatory Tablet 50

Catalogue Number: 520197

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Heel Traumeel Gel 50g

Catalogue Number: 080891

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Traumeel Homeopathic Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 632919

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Heel Schwef-Heel 30ml Oral Liquid

Catalogue Number: 296058

…infections to become established. In may be appropriate to use this product in conjunction with others such as the Detox Kit, Graphites, Psorinoheel, Traumeel tablets and also Galium-Heel or Lymphomyosot to assist in cleansing and purging the connective tissue. Dosage: Adults and Children above 11…

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Heel Galium-Heel 30ml Oral Liquid

Catalogue Number: 274337

…as the - Cleanser of the Cell. For challenging situations where the immune system may be struggling Gallium-Heel can be combined with Engystol, Traumeel, Hepeel, Lymphomyosot, as well as the catalysts. Ongoing Cellular Challenge: Its wide application makes it applicable in all ongoing disease states…

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