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OzKleen Shower Power Citrus Fresh 500ml

Catalogue Number: 703539

…it takes to preserve its environment, so its not surprising Shower Power is made in Australia. Shower Power is a new generation, enviro-friendly all bathroom cleaner. Unlike other bathroom cleaners, Shower Power does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals, so it can be used on most surfaces.

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OzKleen Shower Power Citrus Fresh 750ml

Catalogue Number: 495630

Shower Power cleaner instantly dissolves soap scum, calcium build-up and water stains in the bathroom. It can be used on all hard surfaces including taps, tiles, glass, toilets, stainless steel, showers or baths. Because its such a great degreaser cleaner, you can even use it to soak pots and pans.…

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Bosistos Tea Tree Essential Oil 25ml

Catalogue Number: 111167

…bathroom cleaning, add one to two capfuls of the Oil to wash liquid to help remove unwanted bacteria and odours. Toilet Add one capful of Oil in toilets or drains. Is an antibacterial cleaner, freshener and deodoriser. Washing - Clothes Bedding Add two capfuls of Oil to the rinse cycle to help kill…

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OzKleen Mould Power 500ml

Catalogue Number: 805450

…Unlike other mould cleaners, Mould Power does not contain chlorine, ammonia or phosphates, so it can be used on most surfaces. Mould Power will kill mould spores and will prevent mould from forming. Mould Power will continue to inhibit germs/mould longer than most other cleaners. Mould Power will…

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