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Rejuvenail Antifungal Nail 6.6ml

Catalogue Number: 921025

Rejuvenail is a specially developed nail lacquer for the treatment of fungal infections of toenails and fingernails. The active ingredient ciclopirox penetrates the nail to reach the site of fungal infection and prevents growth of the fungal infection by destroying the fungi that cause nail…

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Manicare Rotary Toenail Clipper

Catalogue Number: 755916

Rotary toenail clipper is ideal for easy clipping at any angle. It is cabin luggage compliant. To use rotate blade to desired angle. Cut toenails straight across, following the shape of the toe.Do not cut into the corners as this may cause ingrown toenails.Smooth sharp corners with the coarse side…

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Manicare Toenail Clippers

Catalogue Number: 730246

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Manicare Toenail Clippers With Catcher

Catalogue Number: 720248

Toe Nail Clipperwith catcher nail file. Chrome plated superior design. Includes a fold out file a catcher for easy disposal of nail clippings. Chrome plated Toenail Clippers with curved cutting edges for long lasting performance.

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Manicare Toenail Scissors Curved Extra Large Grip

Catalogue Number: 799140

Manicare toenail scissors extra large grip Finest quality stainless steel scissors with hand ground blades for a perfect pedicure, With delux satin finish, and long handles, these professional scissors are heavey duty and long lasting. Usage Soften nails by soaking in warm water before trimming. Do…

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Neat Feat Orthotics Femme Gel Toe Eze One Pair

Catalogue Number: 813081


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Manicare Grooming Set

Catalogue Number: 766243

TOENAIL CLIPPER - Precision ground cutting edges for clipping tough toenails. Includes a fold out file for smoothing shaping jagged edges. NAIL CLIPPER - Chrome plated steel nail clipper with curved cutting edges. Includes a fold out file. SAPPHIRE NAIL FILE - Stainless steel, dual coated surface…

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Anti Fungal Solution For Nails 10ml

Catalogue Number: 757708

…is specifically designed for the relief or treatment of fungal infections of the nails, and surrounding nail beds, suitable for fingernail and toenail infections. Dosage Clean and dry the nail and surrounding area to be treated, apply a thin layer of solution twice daily and continue for two weeks,…

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Scholl Gel Toe & Finger Protector 1 Sleeve

Catalogue Number: 638316

Soft Gel Technology Immediate Relief from painful presure and rubbing. Ideal for pretecting sore Toes, Toenail and Corns. Washable and Reusable Directions: Slip onto the sore toe or finger. Remove overnight. Washable. Washing Instructions: Handwash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly…

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Manicare Chiropody Pliers 100mm

Catalogue Number: 794912

…cutting trimming tough toenails or fingernails. The deluxe satin steel cutting edge black coated handles assure long-lasting performace functionality. Usage Fold the lever spring up into the internal fork of the pliers. Grip pliers firmly proceed to cut nails with care. Cut toenails straight across.…

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Scholl Gel Corn Toe Sleeve

Catalogue Number: 660212

- Ideal for sore toes, toenails and corns on toes Can also be cut into a toe sleeve if required. - Cushioning protection from pressure and rubbing - WASHABLE AND REUSABLE Indications Slip onto the sore toe or finger. Remove overnight. Only one tube in packet

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Daktarin Tincture 30ml

Catalogue Number: 592906

…the nail dries to leave a protective coating Indications Daktarin tincture provides effective treatment for fungal infections in the fingernails toenails Dosage Clean dry the nail to be treated. Apply a thin layer of daktarin to the nail twice daily. After the infected nail has come off , continue…

Consumer Medical Information

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Dermal Therapy Fungi Stop 30ml

Catalogue Number: 784183

…minor fungal infections such as itching, cracking, burning and discomfort. The fast drying formula makes it suitable to use on fingernails and toenails. Dermal Therapy Fungistop is suitable for use on: Fungal Infections Onychomycosis nail fungus Tinea Athletes Foot Suitable for adults and children…

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