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"Tinea Cruris"

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Lamisil Spray 15ml

Catalogue Number: 628060

LAMISIL SPRAY FOR TINEA For the treatment of Tinea atheletes foot, jock itch, ringworm. Provides relief from itching, burning and scaling which may accompany these conditions RINGWORM of the body tinea corporis JOCK ITCH tinea cruris ATHLETES FOOT tinea pedis Indications NON GREASY. DRIES FAST.…

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Ego Resolve Jock Itch 25g

Catalogue Number: 602440

Jock-Itch cream. Protective silicone cream base. Indications Effective treatment for jock itch tinea cruris. Also effective for other skin infections such as: other tineas athletes foot, ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, thrush, thrush infected napkin rash, fungal infections where bacterial infection…

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