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Brauer Baby & Child Teething Relief 100ml

Catalogue Number: 551675

Baby Child Teething includes homeopathic ingredients, such as homeopathic Chamomile, which are traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help temporarily relieve the pain, discomfort and irritability of teething. Baby Child Teething may be used from birth: the natural blackcurrant flavour and…

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Seda Gel Lotion 15ml

Catalogue Number: 595418

…lotion to treat mouth ulcers toothache sore gums Raspberry flavour Indications Seda gel lotion is suitable for adults and children. For infant teething seda gel 15g and 30g is recommended. Dosage Apply with a cotton wool tip to the affected area every 2 hours. Use a fresh tip for each application.…

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Hylands Teething Gel 14g

Catalogue Number: 756793

Temporarily relieves symptoms of pain, simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to cutting teeth. A parents touch is magic to a teething baby. And when that touch delivers soothing gel on irritated gums its likely the pain disappears like magic. Theres solid, homeopathic medicine at work,…

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Weleda Baby Teething Powder 60g

Catalogue Number: 589195

For the relief of the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children. Helps calm and soothe. The average baby cuts their first tooth between six and nine months. Swelling or red gums can indicate teething pains. The child may drool, put objects in their mouth, have very red cheeks…

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Corams Baby & Child Teething Liquid 100ml

Catalogue Number: 934498

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Bonjela Teething Gel 15g

Catalogue Number: 543418

…provides relief from the pain and discomfort associated with infant teething. It is also effective in the relief of pain and discomfort associated with mouth ulcers and sores and dentures. Sugar free. Indications Relief from teething pain. Dosage Unscrew cap, remove and discard plastic ring, then…

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Curash Babycare Teething Gel 15g

Catalogue Number: 728440

Curash Teething Gel reduces the discomfort of gums caused by teething. It can also help with the relief of pain associated with abrasions to the gums, palate, tongue, lips and nose. Why choose Curash Teething Gel Curash Teething Gel has a sugar-free and pleasant-tasting formulation. Curash Teething

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Seda Gel For Infant Teething 30g

Catalogue Number: 506414

A flavoured antiseptic pain-relieving gel. Relieves the pain of: infant teething, new dentures, mouth ulcers and abrasions of the gums and pallate. For teething and transient mouth ulcers. Indications Seda-gel is invaluble in the treatment of pain and discomfort of the mouth. It promotes quick and…

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Jack N Jill Natural Teething Gel 15g

Catalogue Number: 594420

Jack N Jill Teething Gel temporarily relieves the symptoms of simple restlessness, irritability and sore gums due to the emergence of teeth. - Soothing formula containing chamomile and calendula - Natural alternative to Bonjela - Mild natural vanilla flavour - Benzocaine belladonna free - Suitable…

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Seda Gel For Infant Teething 15g

Catalogue Number: 515064

Seda-Gel a flovoured antiseptic pain-relieving gel. Relives the pain of infant teething,new dentures, mouth ulcers and abrasions of the gums and palate. Indications Sead-Gel is invaluable in the treatment of pain discomfort of the mouth. It promotes quick and effective relief of pain and discomfort…

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Listerine Teeth Defence Mouthwash 250ml

Catalogue Number: 827133

LISTERINE Teeth Defence is specially formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and protect against decay. It is also proven to prevent and reduce plaque - a major cause of gum disease - providing protection for healthy teeth gums. Used twice a day LISTERINE Teeth Defence is proven to: Kill germs - Kills…

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Macleans Toothpaste Milk Teeth 65g

Catalogue Number: 578955

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Macleans Big Teeth Toothpaste 7+ Years 63g

Catalogue Number: 894770

…milk teeth from decay, but also their new adult teeth. It has a red, white and blue strip. It strengthens teeth, freshens breath and protects teeth and gums. - Contains 1350ppm fluoride - Fresh minty taste - Low abrasivity - Foaming action with fluoride helps strengthen a mix of little and big teeth

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Macleans Little Teeth Toothpaste 4-6 Years 63g

Catalogue Number: 805775

Macleans Little Teeth Toothpaste helps strengthen enamel to protect maturing milk teeth. It contains 1000ppm fluoride and is a mild bubblemint taste. Macleans Little Teeth Toothpaste is for children 4-6 years when children begin to learn to take control of their brushing routines.

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Cocodust Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitener 50ml

Catalogue Number: 065877

Naturally Whitens Teeth: The natural and organic approach to teeth whitening. We believe in tangible results you can see and feel, and we believe in the power of nature to bring these results. COCODUST Teeth Whitener is made in Australia using high quality natural and certified organic ingredients…

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