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Tears Naturale 15ml

Catalogue Number: 576248

Tears Naturlae artifical tears to soothe the eyes 15 ml . Tears Naturale is a soothing artifical tear and lubricant suitable for tear deficiencies. Tears Naturale can be used with hard contact lenses. Dosage Instil one or two drops in the eyes or as directed. Do not touch dropper tip to any surface…

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Blink Intensive Tears 15ml

Catalogue Number: 791133

Blink intensive tears An advanced lubricating eye drop specifically formulated to provide protection and comfort for eyes that are dry, irritated, or uncomfortable This formulation is safe for use with contact lenses Relief with every blink, Long lasting relief from the feeling of dry, tired eyes.…

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Refresh Tears Plus 15ml

Catalogue Number: 696624

…Eye Drops. Many things can make your eyes feel dry, scratchy, buring, or uncomfortable, including a reduction in the amount of tears your body produces. These tears help to lubricate and nourish your eyes. Indications For the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness…

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Liquifilm Tears 15ml

Catalogue Number: 544244

Lubricating eye drops. For relief of dry eye. Indications Liquifilm Tears eye drops soothe and lubricate dry eyes and provide greater comfort and longer wearing time of hard contact lenses. Dosage One drop in the eye as needed or as directed. Not for use with soft contact lenses. Discard unused…

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Bion Tears 0.4ml 28

Catalogue Number: 524772

Advanced formula bion tears.Dry eyes Lubricant eye drops.soothing relief for moderate to severe dry eye. Indications For soothing relief of moderate to severe dry eye conditions Dosage Instill 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye [s as needed. Warnings If you experience eye pain,changes in…

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Tears Again Spray 10ml

Catalogue Number: 749008

Tearsagain improves the lubrication of the eyes and eyelids, relieving the scratchy, irritated feeling of dry eye. Tearsagain improves comfort for contact lens wearers. Liposomal Eye Spray 100 metered doses. Instructions: Hold Tearsagain approximately 10cm from your face. Spray onto the closed eye…

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Thera Tears Sterilid Cleanser 48ml

Catalogue Number: 847453

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Blink Intensive Tears Plus 10ml

Catalogue Number: 930863

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Poly Tears Dry Eye Drops 15ml

Catalogue Number: 595248

…from the symptoms associated with dry, irritated eyes. The formula compliments natural tears to lubricate and relieve irritation, grittiness and burning which may result from an inadequate natural tear film or exposure to wind or sun. Suitable for use with all contact lenses. Indications Instil…

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Natural Secrets Goatsmilk No Tears Baby Bath 250ml

Catalogue Number: 992337

Natural Secrets no tears Goats Milk Baby Bath is a hair body wash formulated to gently clean, moisturise soothe babys delicate skin without irritating the eyes. Made with real goats milk and blended with calming organic lavender oil and chamomile, Natural Secrets Goats Milk Baby Bath cleanses and…

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Murine Revital Eyes 15ml

Catalogue Number: 594243

…a gently buffered solution specially formulated to closely match the natural fluid of the eyes. This natural tears formula contains many of the major ingredients found in natural tears. Possible Cause:- Dust, Air Pollutants Sun Glare, Computer Stare, Smog, Smoke Air Conditioning. Dosage Directions:-…

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath Top to Toe 200ml

Catalogue Number: 870445

With our unique NO MORE TEARS formula it is as gentle to the eyes and skin as pure water and is a convenient way to cleanse babys skin and hair without drying it out. JOHNSONS baby understands babies delicate skin and eyes need special care. Thats why weve created a TOP-TO-TOE BATH thats gentle…

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 554306

No more tears formula. Clinically proven as it is mild on eyes. Indications Cleans babys hair without causing dryness or irritation. Dosage Wet scalp, apply a small amount onto your hand and gently work into a lather. Rinse and pat dry

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo 500ml

Catalogue Number: 606675

Johnsons Baby unique No More Tears shampoo is as gentle to eyes as pure water. Clinically proven mild, it gently cleanses without irritating Babys eyes. Johnsons Baby understands Babys eyes and growing hair need more care. Safety Tip: Keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision. Do…

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Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage 5cm X 3m

Catalogue Number: 586297

Easy tear rigid strapping tape for strapping joints under high stress 60 rolls - 50mm x 13.7m

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