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Surgipack Hot & Cold Clay Pack Medium

Catalogue Number: 955645

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Surgipack Hush-A-Foam Ear Plugs 3 Pairs

Catalogue Number: 511295

Hush a foam taper fit ear plugs sleep, travel, study. Indications For effective noise reduction slc 80 rating 28.7 db. Dosage Use with clean hands roll ear plug into tight small cylinder and put firmly into ear canal. Hold in position for one minute as plug swells to gently fill the space.

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Surgipack Medicine Measuring Cup 30ml

Catalogue Number: 881072

Surgi Pack Medicine Measuring Cup plastic tumbler shaped andmeasures graduated from 2.5ml to 30ml in steps of 5ml.

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Surgipack Digital Forehead Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 637753

The Surgipack Infrared Forehead Thermometer allows a simple and quick measurment of body temperature via the scanning of the forehead around the eyebrow area. This is particularly suitable for infants and young children. Features: - 3 second measurement - Fever alarm - Illuminated display/night glow…

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Surgipack Eye Bath

Catalogue Number: 592242

…head back and at the same time blink the eye to allow the solution to help dislodge any foreign matter. Repeat until successful. Indications The Surgipack Eye Wash Bottle is recommended for first aid use when a more thorough flushing of the eye is needed. Dosage Wash thoroughly and rinse carefully…

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Surgipack Digital Thermometer 6344

Catalogue Number: 817056

Surgi Pack Digital Thermometer is easy to use and read. Beeps when temperature is ready to read.

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Emergency Blanket Surgipack 6016

Catalogue Number: 518504

For victims of shock, accident and over-exposure. The pack gives excellent protection against extreme conditions of cold or heat. Recommended for all first aid kits and especially for skiers, mountaineers and campers. Indications Essential for every first aid kit. Warnings HIghly inflamable and do…

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Surgipack First Aid Kit

Catalogue Number: 657761

Contents: saline solution 15ml x1 Swabs/ isoprophyl alcohol x4 Non adhesive dressing pad 7.5x5cm x1 Eye pad/ sterile x1 First aid strips x4 Paper tape 1.25cmx9m x1 Light crepe bandage 5cm x1 Conforming elastic gauze bandage 2.5cm x1 Conforming elastic guaze bandage 5cm x1 Scissors x1 Forceps x1…

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Surgipack Finger Cot Splint Large 6477

Catalogue Number: 901394

$7.47 Add to Cart

Surgipack Finger Cot Splint Medium 6476

Catalogue Number: 437316

$6.97 Add to Cart

Surgipack Finger Cot Splint Small 6475

Catalogue Number: 623370

$6.47 Add to Cart

Surgipack Heavy Duty Gel Cold Pack Large

Catalogue Number: 966648

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Surgipack Hush-A-Foam Ear Plugs 1 Pair

Catalogue Number: 928403

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Surgipack Gel Caps Empty Size 00 100

Catalogue Number: 540448

Empty Gelatine Capsules Contents 100 approx Size OO Code 6034 Indications Empty gelatine capsules. 0.95mL capacity. Dosage Not applicable.

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Surgipack Safe T Dose Tablet Crusher

Catalogue Number: 810072

$8.99 Add to Cart

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