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Sukin Scrub

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Sukin Scrub

Sukin Oil Balancing Pore Refining Facial Scrub 125ml

Catalogue Number: 564921

A deeply refining base of jojoba beads and bamboo charcoal, combined with moringa extract, works to exfoliate the skin whilst keeping the pores clear of impurities. Full of vitamins and enzymes, rooibos tea, willowherb and coconut oil purify and balance the complexion, and may assist with guarding…

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Sukin Facial Scrub 125ml

Catalogue Number: 789036

This gentle scrub uses bamboo extract and ground walnut shells to exfoliate dirt and impurites leaving clean radiant skin. Contains a delicate infusion of organic German chamomile, aloe vera and lavender combined with rosehip, jojoba and sesame oils. Use twice a week or when shin needs a deep clean…

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Sukin Revital Facial Scrub 50ml

Catalogue Number: 158296

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Sukin Mens Facial Scrub 125ml

Catalogue Number: 440626

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Sukin Paraben Free Body Scrub Tube 200ml

Catalogue Number: 753642

This full body scrub gently polishes and refines skin texture leaving clean, radiant skin. Enriched with aloe vera and chamomile to soothe skin and rosehip, jojoba and sesame to replenish and revitalise. Suitable for all skin types. With micro particles of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells to…

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Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub 125ml

Catalogue Number: 918380

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Sukin Energising Body Scrub Coffee & Coconut 200ml

Catalogue Number: 058742

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Sukin Renew Body Scrub with Green Tea & Jojoba 200ml

Catalogue Number: 567677

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