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Simpkins Travel Tins Sugar Free Mix Fruits 175g

Catalogue Number: 615708

Sugar and Gluten Free Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets. The Worlds Number 1 flavour of Travel Sweets has just got betterthe same mouthwatering taste as the original Travel sweet but with all the benefits of being guilt free Sugar Free.

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Simpkins Travel Tin Orange Lemon & Grapefruit 200G

Catalogue Number: 873125

All natural colours and flavours, Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians. The worlds original English Travel Sweet is featured in this range The Barley Sugar variant was the first Glucose travel sweet to be manufactured by the founder A. Leslie Simpkin in 1921. Today the range comprises 12…

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Sucaryl Tabs 1500

Catalogue Number: 570154

Artificial sweetner - hot or cold drinks. Contains no calories. Indications 1 sucaryl tablet 1 teaspoon sugar. 1 tablet 0kj is equivalent in sweetness to 1 level metric teaspoon of sugar 70kj. Dosage Each Tablet Contains: Artificial sweetners sodium cyclamate 50mg and saccharin sodium 5mg 952, 954,…

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Sucaryl Liquid 500ml

Catalogue Number: 560156

Artificial sweetner. For use in weight control diets, 12 drops 0kj equivalent in sweetness to 1 level metric teaspoon of sugar 80kj. Indications For drops lift flip-top - to pour remove cap. Dosage Contains: Sodium cyclamate 8 w/v, sodium saccharin 0.8 w/v, preservative 210 and water added.

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Gaia Organic Baby Moisturiser 250ml

Catalogue Number: 705514

sugar, cetearyl alcohol, wheatgerm oil, certified organic calendula extract, certified organic chamomile extract, certified organic avocado oil, certified organic evening primrose oil, sodium hydroxy methyl glycinate protein pure essential oils of certified organic lavender, certified organic sweet

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