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Sterile Saline Solution

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Sterile Saline Solution

Flo Saline Plus Nasal Spray 30ml

Catalogue Number: 790740

Saline Solution with minerals. Helps loosen and reduce the thickness of excess nasla mucus. Helps wash away pollens,dust and other particles which can cause allergies and hayfever. Helps moisten dry nasal tissues. Is not medicated or habit forming and can be used with other medications. Sterile,

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Reclens Normal Saline 500ml

Catalogue Number: 792102

…Chloride. Use instructions: 1. Wash hands thoroughly before use. 2. Disgard unused solution after 30 days. 3. Do not use unless solution is clear. 4. Store bottle in refrigerator after opening. 5. Product sterile if bottle is intact. Replace the cap after use. 6. not for injection. 7. Keep out of…

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Surgipack First Aid Kit

Catalogue Number: 657761

Contents: saline solution 15ml x1 Swabs/ isoprophyl alcohol x4 Non adhesive dressing pad 7.5x5cm x1 Eye pad/ sterile x1 First aid strips x4 Paper tape 1.25cmx9m x1 Light crepe bandage 5cm x1 Conforming elastic gauze bandage 2.5cm x1 Conforming elastic guaze bandage 5cm x1 Scissors x1 Forceps x1…

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Sinoclear Nasal Congestion Relief 135ml

Catalogue Number: 712112

…all-natural, non-medication non-habit forming no risk of drug interaction 2.2 hypertonic concentration of mineral salts in a sterile and preservative-free seawater solution New sinoclear is an all-natural decongestant spray that safely and effectively relieves nasal and sinus congestion due to…

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