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"Soy Isoflavones"

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Natures Sunshine Red Clover 340Mg Capsules 100

Catalogue Number: 389465

Red clover contains estrogen-like compounds known as isoflavones, including genistein also found in soy. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens that may help support cardiovascular health and may be beneficial for the female glandular system. Red clover may also promote skin health. The blossoms and leaves…

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Nutra Life Meno-Life Day & Night 60 Capsule

Catalogue Number: 170503

…Ingredients: Each capsule provides DAY NIGHT DAILY WHITE CAP CLEAR CAP DOSE - Herbal extracts equiv. dry Glycine max Soy bean seed 8g 8g 16g - Stand. equiv. Soy isoflavones 20mg 20mg 40mg - Trifolium pratense Red clover herb top flowering 150mg 150mg 300mg - Dioscorea villosa Wild yam root…

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Bonvit Organic Instant Soy Milk Powder 500g

Catalogue Number: 132705

…preservatives or lactose. Bonvit Soy Milk Powder is an Australian Certified Organic product. Nutritional values of soy milk - Bonvit Certified Organic Instant Soy Milk is very nutritive: its an excellent source of high quality proteins, isoflavones and B-vitamins. Soy milk is free of the milk sugar…

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