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Ego Soov Bite Gel 25g

Catalogue Number: 557500

Fast relief from insect bites. This cooling gel helps take away the urge to scratch your skin after an insect bite or plant sting. SOOV Bite calms the area and provides welcome relief from the pain and itchiness. Benefits: Great relief from insect bites and stinging plants, such as nettles. The skin…

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Ego Soov Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 577505

Soothing antiseptic cream. Ideal for cuts and grazes, SOOV Cream relieves pain and contains antiseptics to help prevent infection. The soft cream base also makes it easy to apply to tender and sore skin. Benefits: General-purpose antiseptic cream can be used for cuts, grazes, minor burns, scalds and…

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Ego Soov Burn Spray 200ml

Catalogue Number: 567507

Calms sore and tender skin. SOOV Burns gentle spray-on application avoids the need for rubbing tender skin, and provides fast-acting relief from minor burns and sunburn. Benefits: Use for minor burns, sunburn, cuts and grazes. Helps to prevent infection of broken and damaged skin. Contains…

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Ego Soov It 30g

Catalogue Number: 781408

Fast and effective haemorrhoid relief. SOOV IT is an anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic ointment that relieves the pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids and other anorectal disorders. SOOV IT is available without a prescription. Benefits Formulated with hydrocortisone to minimise…

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