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"Sodibic 840mg Capsules 100"

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Sodibic 840mg Caps 100

Catalogue Number: 573203

Urinary Alkaliniser Indications 100 Sodium Bicarbonate Capsules each containing Sodium Bicarbonate 840mg Dosage One Capsule per day or as directed by physician Warnings Keep Out Of Reach Of Children Storage Store below 30 Deg C. Protect from light.

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Sodium Bicarbonate Mouthwash 1% 500ml

Catalogue Number: 754571

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Trust Cystitis Relief 28 x 4g Sachets

Catalogue Number: 141416

Trust Cystitis Relief is indicated for the relief of the burning pain of cystitis. It is a Urinary Alkaliniser. Active Ingredients: tartaric acid 890mg, sodium citrate anhydrous 630mg, sodium bicarbonate 1.76g, citric acid-anhydrous 720mg

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Sunray Compounding Potassium Bicarbonate 125g

Catalogue Number: 490496

For Practitioner Extemporaneous Compounding Only. INGREDIENTS: Potassium Bicarbonate DIRECTIONS: Refer to Sunray Compounding Compedium for therapeutic dosages.

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Sunray Compounding Sodium Bicarbonate 125g

Catalogue Number: 053786

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Colonlytely Sach Orig 70g

Catalogue Number: 678802

Prescription Required

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APO(Genrx) Macrogol + Electrolytes 13.125g Sachets X 30

Catalogue Number: 980941

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APO(Genrx) Macrogol + Electrolytes 13.125g Sachets X 8

Catalogue Number: 970943

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Flo Sinus Care Refill 20 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 971963

…follow the advice of your Doctor or Pharmacist ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Active Ingredients: - Sodium chloride - Potassium chloride - Sodium bicarbonate - Glucose anhydrous - Calcium lactate pentahydrate Directions: - Fill bottle with pre-boiled water and empty contents of one sachet into bottle.…

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Lax Sachets 30 Pack (BOX)

Catalogue Number: 966348

…12 years, 8 sachets daily to be taken within 6 hours Not recommended for children under 12 years of age Administration Each sachet should be dissolved in 125ml of water Active Ingredients - Macrogol 3350 13.125g, - Sodium Chloride 350.7mg, - Sodium bicarbonate 178.5mg, - Potassium chloride 46.6mg

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Movicol Lemon Lime Powder 8 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 839120

…13.8 g sachet contains: Macrogol 3350 13.125 g Sodium chloride 350.8 mg Sodium bicarbonate 178.6 mg Potassium chloride 50.2 mg On reconstitution in 125 mL, each sachet provides: Sodium 65 mmol/L Chloride 53 mmol/L Bicarbonate 17 mmol/L Potassium 5.4 mmol/L Storage: Store below 30C Keep all medicines…

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Movicol Lemon Lime 30 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 619552

Effective relief of constipation in adults aged 12 years and over Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Sucrose sugar Free Makes a colourless or slightly hazy liquid when dissolved in 125 mL of water. Dosage in Adults and Children over 12 year of age: - Constipation: 1 sachet daily, increasing to 2 or 3…

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Infants Friend 100ml

Catalogue Number: 695031

…colic and wind medicine for baby colic relief. AUST R 26678 Ingredients: Each 5ml contains Cassia Oil 2 l, Magnesium Carbonate 110 mg, Ammonium Bicarbonate 5 mg, Dill Oil 0.065 l, Anise Oil 1.3 l Features: Pleasant natural tasting liquid which helps relieve colic and wind promoting natural quiet…

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Dr. Bronners All-One Toothpaste Peppermint 140g

Catalogue Number: 825343

…or sweeteners - none This simple yet effective toothpaste stimulates mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, leaving them fresh and clean. Made in a 100 recyclable box and tube. Available in peppermint, cinnamon and anise flavors. Suggested uses: To help reduce plaque and whiten teeth, brush teeth…

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Ural Effervescent Powder Cranberry 4g 28 Packs

Catalogue Number: 682990

…free radicals. EACH SACHET CONTAINS: Vaccinium macrocarpon Cranberry fruit juice dry 368.3 mg, equiv. fresh juice 9.2 g. Also contains: sodium bicarbonate 1.75 g, tartaric acid 500 mg, citric acid anhydrous 714 mg, sodium citrate anhydrous 625 mg, silica colloidal anhydrous 10 mg, saccharin sodium…

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