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Skin O2

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Skin O2

Skin O2 Makeup Starter Box Light/Medium

Catalogue Number: 432023

…even skin tone, reduce scars and provide anti-aging protection. Lets your skin breathe. Every day makeup for teens, fitness lovers, acne, aging or sensitive skin. Loved by models, celebrities, beauty editors and skin specialists. Suitable for all skin types. Naturally adapts to your skin tone for…

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Skin O2 Peptide Eye Cream 15g

Catalogue Number: 966819

…clinically proven to help plump, fill and prevent fine lines and increase skin renewal around the delicate eye area, as well as lip lines, crows feet, frown and forehead lines Tip: Apply cream on clean, exfoliated skin. For extra instant vitamin powder matrix boost, apply Platinum Eye Cream under…

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Skin O2 Multi Vit Cream Base 30ml

Catalogue Number: 234336

skin. This anti-aging must have is your daily dose of vitamins to feed your face Dermal infusion cream with Vitamins B, A, C E Green Tea, Rosehip Oil CO Q10. A high dose transdermal formula that penetrates systemically to feed skin cells. It contains all the essential vitamins known for healthy skin

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Skin O2 Long Lasting Pencil Eyeliner 1.3g

Catalogue Number: 839636

Waterproof, semi-permanent, long lasting and smudge resistant black eyeliner with retractable pencil. You will be no fool in the pool High quality pencil design and ingredients allows for a smooth, easy, no fuss application. Great for defined precision look as well as the smudge effect The busy bee…

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Skin O2 Fake Lash Mascara 2.8ml

Catalogue Number: 290206

Fake Look Lash Mascara with Built in Enhancer - no glue, no mess, no fuss. Paint on instant false lashes and grow them at the same time With Dr Atias perfect volume, curl super fake length enhancing mascara. Contains peptide to treat your lashes while you wear it Fast easy, just paint on your fake…

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Skin O2 Blush Mineral Makeup Glo 5g

Catalogue Number: 689825

3 in 1 Blush, Eye Shadow Lip Tint - All in one SPF 15. High grade Mineral Blushes with added vitamins, come in four shades to provide you with a look for all occasions. For a natural, bronzed, fresh or evening look, Mineral Blushes have you covered. Features and benefits Contains MAP Vitamin C known…

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Skin O2 Facial Tint Sunscreen Spf30+ 75g

Catalogue Number: 478907

…give skin a natural healthy glow. It contains broad spectrum sunscreen with added vitamins. Key features: Non-greasy moisturiser with antioxidants SPF 30. Gives skin a natural and healthy glow - suitable for guys and girls - better than BB cream Adaptatone technology makes it suitable for all skin

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Skin O2 Radiance Primer 30ml

Catalogue Number: 333876

…acid to treat, hydrate protect the skin and reduce the appearance of open pores, scars and wrinkles. Directions Apply to clean moisturised skin before mineral makeup application. Tip: to buff away open pores even man sized pores apply primer using Skin O2 professional makeup brush, then pat…

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Skin O2 Micro Cream Rp 50g

Catalogue Number: 727517

…sensitive skin. Salon strength. The Docs duo effect formula synergistically combines gentle but effective micro bead exfoliation with RP Vitamin A to promote increased cellular renewal and collagen production The exfoliating cream clears away dead skin cells and unclogs pores, leaving the skin

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Skin O2 Perfect Skin Concealer 1.5ml

Catalogue Number: 712164

Treats your skin while you wear it For flawless skin apply to dark circles as eye primer. Use as a brow or facial highlighter for instant radiance or to cover red blemishes or imperfections. Highlights illuminates to create more youthful volume. Defines treats your skin while you wear it Contains…

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Skin O2 Facial Cleansing Wipes 80 Pack

Catalogue Number: 014979

…the skin of makeup and grime. Each wipe is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to hydrate and nourish the skin whilst freshening and toning at the same time. Perfect all-in-one eye and make-up remover that cleanses, treats and balances the skin Skin O2 Facial Cleansing Wipes leave your skin

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Skin O2 Spot Cream 25g

Catalogue Number: 847541

Treats pimples Beneficial for acne or oily skin Salicyclic Acid Benzoyl Peroxide Pharmaceutical grade spot treatment that provides a pore cleansing action to renew, exfoliate and instantly dry blockages. A special vanishing cream formula containing ingredients that are known to target unhealthy…

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Skin O2 Hydrating Spritz 50ml

Catalogue Number: 414268

skin throughout the day. Hot Tip: Can be used as toner to hydrate your skin before moisturiser or serum for intensive skin hydration hit. Features and benefits: Comes in a hand bag size pump OK for international flights Essential if you work in air conditioning, for air flight travel or aging skin

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Skin O2 Compact Mocha 15g

Catalogue Number: 774533

…your skin tone provide full coverage but feel natural and let your skin breathe Colours available: Sheer - fair light skin type never tans Fitzpatrick I formulated for Asian skin Mocha - medium to light olive skin can tan Fitzpatrick II III Sand - get your summer glow on for tanned or freckled skin

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Skin O2 Scar Pack

Catalogue Number: 847152

Treat Protect - fight scars with the Docs potent duo. Treats scars all skin types. Essential before and after sun exposure to help fight free radicals and protect skin. This anti-aging must have is your daily dose of vitamins to feed your face Boxed set contains: Multi Vit Cream 30ml Sunscreen…

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