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Nair Facial Hair Bleach 28g

Catalogue Number: 501261

…with your natrual skin tone. Nair Cream Hair Bleach acts quickly in as little as 7 minutes and is freshly scented, with no unpleasant ammonia smell. Enriched with Baby Oil and Vitamin E. Nair also moisturises skin, leaving it soft. Plus, its creamy tecture prevents the bleach from flaking and…

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John Plunketts Superfade Cream 60ml

Catalogue Number: 540424

…years it really works BENEFITS: Works within the skin to stop the cause of excessive pigmentation Effectively fades brown skin blemishes including pigmentation, freckles and age spots within 6-8 weeks. Not a cover-up, not just a cosmetic, not a bleach OUTCOME: Effectively fades unwanted pigmentation…

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Veet Wax Strips For Normal Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 675817

…immediately, leaving smooth skin for weeks. Longlasting results: in just minutes you can have smooth skin for weeks. For a perfect finish: after removing hair, gently wipe the skin with the moisturising wipes. They remove any traces of wax residues, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Dosage Before…

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Nads Body Wax Strips For Normal Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 698285

…and firmly smooth over 3-4 times in direction of hair growth with the palm of your hand or your fingers. Holding adjoining skin taut, pull strip back quickly as close to the skin as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth. Continue using the same strip until no longer effective. Remove any…

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Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin 150ml

Catalogue Number: 754347

…irritated or sunburnt skin, skin depliated in the last 72 hours or on skin which has suffered an adverse reaction to hair removal creams in the past. If you are using any medications for your skin or have any related skin disorders check with your doctor before use. TEST YOUR SKIN before using on a…

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Veet Face Easy Grip Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 845464

Easy Grip Ready-To-Use wax strips with Vitamin E and Almond Oil for sensitive skin. Contains 20 wax strips and 4 fresh wipes

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Futuro 09033 Sport Wrist Adjustable

Catalogue Number: 667511

skin , insert thumb into loop Place support so that it falls over the top of wrist attach velcro band strap to the support Adjust tension until desired comfort and support aare achieved Warnings care:- wash with mild soap in warm not hot water, rinse well air dry. Do not tumble dry dry clean bleach

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Futuro 09039 Sport Knee Adjustable

Catalogue Number: 687516

…or injured knees. It also helps retain warmth and provide protection from further injury. Indications Lay support over knee,smooth side facinf skin and with single strap to the outside of the leg. Place round hole over kneecap. While holding support in place so that hole remains over knee cap,wrap…

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Natracare Ultra Pads Wings Regular 14

Catalogue Number: 837858

…totally chlorine-free because we never use chlorine bleach in any of our production processes. Being plastic-free means Natracare does not contain any polyethylene, polypropylene or polyacrylate super absorbents, all of which can irritate the skin. Natracare chemical free pads are high quality…

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Annas Wild Yam Cream 100g

Catalogue Number: 858423

…quality Enriched High potency Wild Yam Cream packed in glass jars, and vacuum sealed for your protection. Color: As there is no attempt to bleach any colouration of ingredients, the colour may vary from time to time and always represents the combination of the colours of the natural ingredients.

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Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Trigger Spray 500ml

Catalogue Number: 875128

…and other chemicals or use immediately after bleach. Avoid contact with plastic baby bottles, which can crack when steam sterilised. Not intended to be used on medical devices. CAUTION Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Dispose of empty container with…

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Selsun Yellow 200ml

Catalogue Number: 554815

…directs. Skin Treatment: Apply undiluted to affected areas for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat daily for 1 week or as physician directs. Dosage Shake bottle well. Warnings Do not swallow. Avoid eye contact. Avoid use 48 hours before or after permanent waving, tinting or bleaching. Do not use…

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Veet Hair Remover Cream Sensitive 400ml

Catalogue Number: 703904

Veet Caressably Smooth Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin ensures effective hair removal in 5 minutes. Specially developed for sensitive skin, it contains Wheatgerm Oil and Orchid and leaves the skin smooth and soft, so you feel desirable. The time the cream takes to work depends on hair…

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Gaia Natural Baby Bamboo Baby Wipes 240 Value Pack

Catalogue Number: 973076

…GAIA Natural Baby Bamboo Baby Wipes contain pure, natural, organic extracts to gently cleanse, soothe and care for your babys skin at change time. GAIAs sensitive skin formula has a light natural scent to cover the smell of soiled nappies at change time and is free from alcohol, petrochemicals,…

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Veet Sensitive Hair Removal Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 572261

Veet sensitive skin hair removal cream, Aloe Vera Vitamin E Procedure takes 5 mins. Hair removal system for sensitive skin. Designed for legs, underarms and bikini line, not for face. Directions: Apply with back of spatula. Remove with head of spatula. Rinse of with cold water Read inclosed leaflet.…

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