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"Silver Band Aids"

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Elastoplast Antibacterial Fabric Plasters 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 662197

Elastoplast Antibacterial Fabric plasters have antiseptic silver in the cushioning wound pad that helps to prevent infections. The wound pad contains auxiliary silver ions that are continuously released during the healing process. Due to their extra flexible and breathable material and strong…

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Elastoplast Antibacterial Plastic Plaster Assorted 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 652190

Elastoplast Antibacterial Plastic Plasters provide optimal protection with antiseptic silver that prevents infections and keeps wounds clean. The soft wound pad releases silver ions during wear resulting in a constant defence against a broad spectrum of bacteria. The plastic backing is durable,…

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Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters 8cm x 10cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 700910

Elastoplast Antibacterial Waterproof Plasters contain antiseptic silver to prevent infections and keep wounds clean. The extra-large wound pad is non-stick and effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria. Covers larger wounds and minimises healing complications. The waterproof plaster material…

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Elastoplast Antibacterial Sensitive Dressings 6cm x 7cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 617393

…firm seal all around the wound, while remaining painless to remove. The soft wound pad provides cushioning and prevents infection with antiseptic silver. Available in two sizes that are suitable for covering larger wounds, particularly after minor surgery. Protect allergy-prone and sensitive skin…

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