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Elastoplast Spray Plaster 40ml

Catalogue Number: 621958

…transparent, breathable film seals the area from water, dirt and bacteria for maximum protection. The skin-friendly bacteria covers the wound like a second skin and allows natural healing. Dosage Clean and dry the affected area before application. Hold can about 5-10cm from affected area. Spray a…

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Advanced Healing Large 6

Catalogue Number: 658415

Waterproof Like a second layer of skin Designed to stay on for several days. 6 large Indications Band-aid Brand Advanced Healing uses medical technology to cover the wound like a second layer of skin. The strip is heat-activated, providing a superior seal aginst your skin keeping out water, dirt and…

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Compeed Blister Plasters Small 6 Pack

Catalogue Number: 729757

Stop Blister Pain in 10 Seconds. Dont let tight shoes rub you up the wrong way or blisters blight your night. COMPEED products soothe, protect and cushion your feet from what day-to-day life can throw at them The patch acts like a second layer of skin. It absorbs moisture and forms a protective…

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Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Advanced Healing Regular 10

Catalogue Number: 648417

Designed to stay on for several days. It uses medical technology to cover the wound like a second layer of skin. The strip is heat-activated, providing a superior seal against your skin keeping out water, dirt and germs. Indications Clean and dry wound 2.0cm 6.0cm.

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Indeed Lab Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream 30ml

Catalogue Number: 846590

…light perfectly in billions of directions to make the skins surface appear completely flawless. Within seconds, pores begin to disappear. Fine lines seem to vanish. Skin texture appears nearly perfect. With one application on any skin surface even your hands, you will be convinced that nanoblur…

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Martin & Pleasance Schuessler Kali Sulph Skin Balance 125 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 850046

…of Psoriasis and Athletes Foot. Brittle nails and poor condition of skin call for the combination of Kali Sulph and Silica. Assists with: - Skin disorders - Slow healing wounds - Rashes - Weeping/flaking skin - Brittle nails - Second stage of cold Dosage: - Adults: 1 tablet - Children: 1/2 tablet -…

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Veet Wax Strips For Normal Skin 20 Strips

Catalogue Number: 675817

…30 seconds. If the wax is too hard, then rub the strip for 1 minute. - Slowly peel the strip apart. Application/removal: - Smmoth one of the wax strips onto the skin in the direction of hair growth. Do not allow the wax strip to remain on the skin for more than a few seconds. - Holding the skin taut…

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Dermal Therapy Blistop 32.5ml

Catalogue Number: 735350

…blisters the transparent second skin allows you to wear the shoes of your choice and feel confident and pain free all day long. it can be used on all areas of the feet including heels, big toes and soles, Apply before putting on shoes or at first feeling of friction on the skin. Is suitable for men…

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Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Aloe Soothe 190g

Catalogue Number: 928442

Size: 190g Vaseline Spray Moisturiser is a line of quick, convenient, continuous-spray lotions. They absorb in seconds and help repair dry skin to leave skin instantly soft, not greasy or sticky. They are available in Dry Skin Repair, Aloe Soothe and Cocoa Glow.

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DermaScar Gel 15g

Catalogue Number: 496869

…barrier, just like a second skin, it does not cause unsightly maceration where the skin becomes pale, moist, wrinkled and soggy, as can occur after using an adhesive bandage over a minor cut. As the invisible barrier created by DermaScar lasts for up to 12 hours on the skin, it only needs to be…

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Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion 400ml

Catalogue Number: 836553

…provides extra fast absorption and long lasting moisture for the skin. Looking for extra fast absorbing moisturisation Try Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion - The ultra light formula absorbs in seconds and leaves your skin soft and supple immediately - The formula with Sea Minerals and Hydra…

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Isocol Rub Alcohol 345ml

Catalogue Number: 505157

…remain on the skin for 15 seconds before rubbing in. Repeat as required. Isocol is also an ideal aftershave. Indications ANTI-BACTERIAL LOTION. Warnings WARNING:Do not apply to burns or broken or inflamed skin. Administer in awell ventilated place.If excessive drying of the skin occurs,discontinue…

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Rebirth Gentle Touch Baby Lotion 250ml

Catalogue Number: 406808

…precious gift, thus deserves the best. Knowing babys skin loses moisture nearly two times faster than adults, our Research Team formulates Rebirth Gentle Touch Baby with love and care for your babys delicate skin. Rebirth baby lotion is second to none for all caring mothers and joyful babies.…

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Veet Cold Wax Strips Sensitive 20

Catalogue Number: 670558

…strips onto the skin smooth firmly with hands for 10 seconds in the direction of the hair growth 4. Hold skin taut with one hand, with the other hand, remove the strip in one swift decisive moment, against the direction of hair growth. Always pull the strip parallel as close to the skin as possible.…

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Designer Brands Twist and Go Instant Nail Polish Primer

Catalogue Number: 960933

…1 second. With pre-moistened foam remover pad inside. Simply slip your finger into the centre of the foam, twist and your nail polish is effortlessly removed. The perfect no fuss, no mess travel companion. Formulated with Royal Jelly, Vitamins C E, Aloe Vera and Green Tea to leave your skin feeling…

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