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Sebamed Cleansing Bar 150g

Catalogue Number: 523425

…without irritation or tightness of the skin. Suitable for sensative skin problem skin such as acne or other skin irritations. Ideal for skin which is soap intolerable. Indications For oily skin use warm water. For dry skin use Lukewarm to cold water. Rince well after washing. Place the bar on a dry…

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Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 573815

Sebamed shampoo mild anti dandruff action. Indications Gently cleanses and cares for the hair and scalp.Restores and maintains the natural protective film of the hair and scalp.Regulates the sebum production.Helps protect the scalp against excess oil and dandruff. Ideal for soap intolerant scalp…

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Sebamed Face & Body Wash 1 Litre

Catalogue Number: 639403

For sensitive skin. 100 Soap and alkali-free. Active moisturising complex of PentavitinR, vitamins and allantoin protects the skin from dehydration. Promotes smoother, suppler skin. A sophisticated care complex, of vitamins, allantoin and the active moisturizing PentavitinR, protects the skin from…

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Sebamed Childrens Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 632676

…agents protect against dryness. Doesnt sting the eyes. Indications The 100 soap and alkali free, mild emollient formula is the ideal care for the delicate scalp and fine hair of babies and small children. Baby Sebamed Childrens Shampoo with its pH value of 5.5 promotes the development of the scalps…

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Sebamed Every Day Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 593811

For normal to dry hair and scalp. Soap and Alkali free. Extra mild cleansing for daily hair care. Retains moisture adds volume. Pleasant delicate fragrance. Indications The formula of sebamed Everday Sahmpoo is based on a new generation of mild organic cleansing agents and an active moistirizing…

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Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar 100g

Catalogue Number: 615417

…resistance of your babys skin Extra Mild good even for sensitive skin Promotes the development of the acid mantle Made In Germany Indications 100 soap and alkali free for gentle total body hygiene. Its pH value of 5.5 and mild emolient formula supports the moisture balance of babys skin and the…

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Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

Catalogue Number: 605410

100 soap and alkali free for the gentle cleansing of babys skin. Baby bubble bath with its pH value of 5.5 supports the moisture balance of babys skin and the development of the skins biologically protective acid mantle, which is consolidated in the first months after birth. The extra mild wash…

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Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft 200ml

Catalogue Number: 697162

100 Soap and Alkali - free for gentle and effective daily cleansing. Vital protection against irritation. Tear-free formula. Warnings formula does not sting in the eyes. Dye free

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Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam 150ml

Catalogue Number: 617890

Sebamed clear face antibacterial cleansing foam, combats pimple blackheads and skin impurities gently deep cleanses pores, effective antibacterial action montaline c40, panthenol soothes and regenerates the skin. Indications The mild soap and alkali free wash active ingredients ensures good skin…

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Sebamed Face & Body Wash 500ml

Catalogue Number: 543421

…sensitive and problem skin Ideal for skin which is soap intolerant Indications The face and body wash has a unique formulation which exactly matches the 5.5ph of naturally healthy skin. Clinically tested in germany the wash is soap and alkali free. Dosage One or two drops will be sufficient…

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Sebamed Feminine Wash Ph 3.8 200ml

Catalogue Number: 609163

…100 soap and alkali-free dye free , gynaecologically tested during the child bearing years nature provides the sensitive mucous linings of the outer genital area added protection against pathogenic micro organisms with the ph value of 3.8. to maintain this biologically intact state, sebamed feminine…

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Sebamed Feminine Wash Ph 6.8 200ml

Catalogue Number: 647893

Sensitive and Emollient. 100 soap and alkali-free. Physiological pH value balance. Delicate cleansing. Sensitive protection with panthenol and hamaelis virginia. -optimal feminine hygiene at the on-set of menopause -Gentle intimate hygiene by dryness of the vulva. Indications For protection against…

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