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Lyclear Cream 30g

Catalogue Number: 590253

For the single treatment of Scabies infestations. Contains 0.3 w/w Formaldahyde Solution as a preservative. Directions for use: Apply cream to the whole body except the head face. The cream should be left on for at least 8 hours, then washed off with soap water. Read the enclosed product leaflet…

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Quellada Scabies Treatment 100ml

Catalogue Number: 561255

Indication Quellada Scabies treatment is indicated for treatment of scabies infestation, sarcoptes scabiei. Directions for use: 1. Shake well before use. 2. Before applying, ensure the skin is clean, dry cool. Do not take hot bath before appyling lotion. 3. Thouroughly massage lotion into the skin…

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