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Carusos SAMe Life EZE Plus 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 627431

…Life EZE PLUS could be just what you need. Premium quality Carusos Life EZE PLUS contains a blend of a special active called S-adenosylmethionine SAMe plus co factors Vitamins B6 and B12, Folic Acid and Choline. Life EZE PLUS may be beneficial for people suffering from mild anxiety, stress or…

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Carusos Life Eze Plus 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 654670

…Ingredients: S-Adenosylmethionine SAMe SAMe is a derivative of the amino acid methionine and occurs naturally within the body. SAMe is an important biological agent in the human body as it is involved in over 40 essential reactions including mood regulation. SAMe effects emotional and mood balance…

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Pretorius Homoeopathic SAMe 6X 90 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 194741

SAMe is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body where it is responsible for the production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. This is a homoeopathic preparation of the naturally occurring amino acid SAMe. SAMe is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body where it is responsible for…

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Bathox Handwash Milk & Honey 600ml

Catalogue Number: 645083

Milk and Honey Handwash adds moisture to dried up skin at the same time its moisturising and conditioning ingredients make it gentle enough for the whole family

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Waterpik Toothbrush Tips 2pk

Catalogue Number: 733167

Waterpik Ultra toothbrush tips - Now you can brush and water jet at the same time for that amazingly clean and refreshing sensation. Compatible With: Ultra Dental Water Jet - WP-100, WP-450, and WP-360

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Simpkins Travel Tins Sugar Free Mix Fruits 175g

Catalogue Number: 615708

Sugar and Gluten Free Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets. The Worlds Number 1 flavour of Travel Sweets has just got betterthe same mouthwatering taste as the original Travel sweet but with all the benefits of being guilt free Sugar Free.

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Mediballs Secret Case

Catalogue Number: 269531

The Pelvi MEDIballs Secret Case is specially designed to store both your MEDIballs Secret Single and Double at the same time, and is super-convenient for when you are travelling. Made from quick-dry fabric, it has an easy-to-open zip and measures 17cm x 14cm.

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Sensodyne Toothpaste Repair & Protect Whitening 100g

Catalogue Number: 872288

…sensitive areas of your teeth. With twice daily brushing it continuously helps repair, strengthens and protects teeth everyday with the natural building blocks of teeth, whilst whitening them at the same time. Sensodyne Repair Protect Whitening is proven to relieve dentine hypersensitivity.

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Tena Lady Mini Ultrathin 20

Catalogue Number: 682727

Tena Lady Ultra thin mini pads are designed specifically for women with light bladder weakness.Absorbent enough to provide the protection you need.The new ultra thin technology offers the same protection as tena lady mini but in a thinner pad. 22cm long, 4mm thin pad with odour control.

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Fine Pet Products Bag Dispenser & Hand Sanitiser Duo

Catalogue Number: 488610

…This is a neat, compact item that houses a roll of dog poo bags and a clever hand sanitiser dispenser. It is refillable, simply pop off the pod that contains the gel and replace with a new pod. The same process for the bags, pop off the gel pod and replace the roll. Includes 20 bags and gel.

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Billie Goat Gentle Cream Face Cleanser 100ml

Catalogue Number: 985793

NEW LOOK, SAMED LOVED FORMULA You may have noticed that our Gentle Cream Face Cleanser 100ml now has a new look, but dont worry - the formulation is still the same A soothing, light goats milk that soothes and moisturises dry, sensitive skin as it cleanses without causing irritation. Featuring a…

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Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil 1000mg 200 Mini Caps

Catalogue Number: 999193

Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps provide the same strength of omega-3s as a standard fish oil 1000 g but in a half sized capsule. Plus they are odourless without the use of artificial surfactants, so you dont get the fishy aftertaste. Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps helps to: Provide…

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Blackmores Omega Daily Concentrated Fish Oil 200 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 877823

Contains 2 x the omega-3 fatty acids of a standard fish oil capsule for daily wellbeing in the same sized capsule making it more convenient to get your daily omega-3s. Double the omega-3s of standard fish oil. Helps to promote optimal health and general wellbeing. Omega-3s for those who dont eat…

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Natures Own Glucosamine Sulfate 1500+ Chondroitin 100 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 955203

Natures Own Joint Enhance Plus Krill provides the same dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin used in clinical trials with the added benefit of Krill. This powerful combination of ingredients may assist in the management of osteoarthritis by temporarily relieving joint pain and improving joint mobility…

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Sebamed Clear Face Anti Pimple Gel 10ml

Catalogue Number: 607892

…relief from pimples and blackheads while caring for the skin, reduces inflammation and dries out pimples. Dosage After cleansing apply anti-pimple cream directly on pimples and problem areas, it covers up redness at the same time. Warnings Keep away from eyes and mouth . Storage Clean dry area

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