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Saline Solution For Eyes

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Saline Solution For Eyes

Reclens Normal Saline 500ml

Catalogue Number: 792102

…unused solution after 30 days. 3. Do not use unless solution is clear. 4. Store bottle in refrigerator after opening. 5. Product sterile if bottle is intact. Replace the cap after use. 6. not for injection. 7. Keep out of reach of children. Precautions: Do not use simultaneously with other eye

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Gelflex Normal Saline 500ml

Catalogue Number: 688027

For use with soft hard contact lenses. Indications Gelflex normal saline may be used with soft or hard contact lenses as: a rinsing solution prior to heat or chemical disinfection. a storage solution when lenses are heat sterilised. Dosage 1. Wash hands thoroughly before use. 2. Discard unused…

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Lens Plus Ocupure Saline 360ml

Catalogue Number: 536298

…in your eyes. LENS PLUS PURITE Saline Solution is the natural choice for rinsing your lenses and disinfection. It may be used for heat disinfection of soft lenses and is also ideal for dissolving protein remover tablets. Indications New LENS PLUS PURITE Saline Solution is ideal for rinsing all…

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Ear Clear Ear Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 750921

…Ear Clear Cleansing Spray. Active Ingredients: Ingredients: Isotonic saline solution pH balanced with bicarbonate Contains: Benzalkonium chloride 0.01 w/v and Disodium edtate 0.05 w/v as preservatives Warnings/Precautions: FOR USE IN THE EAR CANAL ONLY Precautions: in case of pain or persisting ear…

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