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Roll On Pain Relief

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Roll On Pain Relief

Pain Away Pain Relief Roll On Lotion 35g

Catalogue Number: 913758

Pain Away Roll-On Lotion - For the temporary relief of - Joint Muscular Pain Joint and Muscular Inflammation Mild Arthritis Pain Sprains Strains Bruising

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Pain Mate Refill Pack

Catalogue Number: 233958

…machine provides pain relief for back pain such as lower back pain, joint pain such as shoulder, knee, and hip joint pain, neck pain place on back of neck only, and musculoskeletal pain. Replacing the PAINmate TENS machine gel pads: 1. To remove the used gel pad carefully roll the gel upwards with…

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Arthro Balm 50ml

Catalogue Number: 502151

Arthro Balm is designed to achieve fast relief with a powerful formula for better penetration. Indications: For Temporary relief of arthritis, muscular aches and pains. Directions: Roll on in the affected areas, frequently. Do not rub in, and do not use on sensitive or broken skin. Warning: Keep out…

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