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Reynard Supersoft Disposable Patient Wipes 50

Catalogue Number: 781135

Reynard disposale patient wipes - Super Soft Soft patient wipes for everyday cleansing. Size: 33 x 29cm 50 clothes.

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Reynard Bath In Bed Washcloths 8 (33 X 23 CM)

Catalogue Number: 761130

Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes are ideal for fast, effective and gentle waterless cleansing of the body and face. They can be used hot or cold and are unperfumed to be extremely gentle to skin. Ideal for cleansing when washing facilities are not easily available. They are widely used for camping,…

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Reynard Dry Baby Wipes Boxed 100

Catalogue Number: 753630

Reynard Boxed Everyday Wipes are chemical free, durable, large, dry and soft. Perfect for babies, all you need do is add water. High quality, bleached and non-woven Ultra soft, strong and highly absorbent Chemical and fragrance free Low linting Designed for single use Can be used wet or dry…

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Reynard Neutral Detergent Wipes Fragrance Free 50

Catalogue Number: 751132

Reynard Neutral Detergent Wipes are a multi-surface wipe with a low foaming cleaning solution that is ideal for surface cleaning. They are also extremely gentle to the hands, being developed with ingredients frequently found in personal care wipes. There are 50 wipes per pack, each wipe is 33 x…

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Reynard Incontinence Wipes Pack 25

Catalogue Number: 886331

A complete all-in-one perineal care incontinence product, thats perfect for fast, effective and gentle cleansing, deodorising, moisturising and barrier protection. - Cleanse - mild surfactants will remove soiling without the drying effects of soap and water. - Moisturise - urine and faeces can…

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Reynard Shampoo Cap Rinse Free

Catalogue Number: 792686

Rinse-free shampoo cap in a disposable cap. Shampoos, conditions and rinses in one go, no need for water or rinsing. Reynard Shampoo Caps facilitate complete hair care in a disposabe, rinse-free format. Simply warm in a microwave oven for 20 seconds, place over the head and gently massage into the…

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Reynard Skin Care Wipes 50 Wipes

Catalogue Number: 719292

Reynard Skin care wipes will gently cleanse, moisturise and condition the skin. They are ideal for face, hand and body cleansing when washing facilities arent readily available or as an alternative to costly laundering methods. Reynard Skin care wipes are a strong, high quality, soft cloth that…

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Reynard Ipa Surface Disinfection Wipes Tub 160

Catalogue Number: 707684

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Reynard Alcohol & Chlorhexidine Prep Pads 200 Pack

Catalogue Number: 796688

Alcohol and Chlorhexidine Prep pads. For professional and hospital use. Size 6 x 6 cm. Contains 70 Isopropyl alcohol and 2 Chlorhexidine.

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Reynard Soft Patient Wipes 100

Catalogue Number: 797748

Reynard Soft Disposable Patient Wipes are one of the softest and strongest wipes on the market. Chemical free, durable, large, dry and soft they are perfect for babies all you need do is add water. There are 100 wipes per pack, each wipe is 33 x 29cm High quality and non-woven Ultra soft, strong and…

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Reynard Alcohol & Chlohexidine Swabs Sticks Pack 50

Catalogue Number: 717682

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Reynard Alcohol Prep Pads 200 Pack

Catalogue Number: 727680

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Reynard Antibacterial Hand Gel 500ml

Catalogue Number: 773635

Reynard Moisturising Antibacterial Hand Gel is specially formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to protect and moisturise your hands removing harmful bacteria and maintaining your skins natural pH balance. Its fast acting formula kills 99.9 of the most common illness causing germs, leaving the…

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