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Red Hair Colour

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Red Hair Colour

Schwarzkopf Brilliance 43 Red Pasion

Catalogue Number: 665770

Schwarzkopf Live Permanent Colour 43 Red Passion Ultra Long-Lasting, Red Energiser Red Luminance with COLOUR-INTENSIFIER-TECHNOLOGY Indications Recommended for use on natural light brown to dark brown hair only. The darker your natural hair colour, the less vibrant the final colour result will be.…

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Schwarzkopf Brilliance 37 Hypo Red

Catalogue Number: 731318

…well apply the colour creme mixture to dry hair. allow to develop for approx. 30 mins, then rinse massage with the specially developed live brilliance colour-shine conditioner. it protects your hair and visibly enhances the brilliance of your colour RECOMMENDATION on long or thick hair and for first…

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Schwarzkopf Brilliance 98 Dark Red Diamond 98

Catalogue Number: 999963

…and shake well. Apply Colour Crme Mixture to DRY hair and allow to develop for approx. 30 minutes and then rinse. Massage in the speciallydeveloped Brilliance Colour-Shine Conditioner. It will protect your hair and visually enhance the brilliance of your colour. Colour Creme: Aqua Water, Cetearyl…

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Clairol Nice N Easy 113 Natural Burgundy

Catalogue Number: 577895

hair colour what expert make-up artists do for your skin Shade 113 Natural Burgundy. Layers red tones to enhance the richness of your hair. For optimal results, use on light brown to dark brown hair. On grey hair, colour appears lighter than non-grey for a highlighted effect. On natural red hair,

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