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Microlife Probe Covers 40

Catalogue Number: 670037

hygenic probe cover for digital infrared ear thermometer. Dosage Always use with a new undamaged Probe Cover in order to prevent infection. The use of no probe leads to wrong measuring results. refer to instruction manual Storage Keep away from direct exposure to the sun and keep it in a dust-free,…

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Omron Ear Therm Probe Cover Pk40 TH839S

Catalogue Number: 993712

Indications Dosage For safe operation read the Gentle Temp instruction manual. Snap the probe cover on to the probe. Check probe cover for clean and intact front surface. Insert the thermometer into the ear only with a probe cover. Change or clean probe cover after each use.

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Cotton Buds Pack 60

Catalogue Number: 609921

…ideal for gentle cleaning around babys ear,eyes and naval. 100 pure cotton is naturally soft,pure and gentle. Indications When using on ears,gently remove visible dirt and wax around the outer surface of the ear. Warnings CAUTION: Do not probe deeply into the ear canal. Keep out of reach of chldren.

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Omron Digital Thermometer MC341

Catalogue Number: 507316

…60 seconds measurement for oral Accurate, measures actual temperature in C F Jumbo, clear display easy to read Last reading recall Buzzer - beeps when measurement complete Included: Test battery alkaline magnesium button battery LR41, Storage case, Instruction sheet, 5 Probe covers Made in China

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Omron Digital Thermometer MC246

Catalogue Number: 726112

…if used for 10 mins per day Sensing Unit - Thermistor Measurement Method - Actual measurement Temperature Display - 3 digit display in 0.1 degree increments. Measurement Range: 32.0 to 42.0 C Weight: approx 11g with battery Accessories: test battery, storage case, instruction sheet, 5 probe covers.

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First Aid Kit Travel No 3

Catalogue Number: 559501

Contents: 1x cold pack instant small 1x eye pad single FAC 1x healaid cream 25g 1x splinter probe FAC single disp. 1x triangular band disp 110x155cm 1x trafalger first aid pamphlet 1x resusi-safe FAC shield disp. 1x emergency thermal blanket 1x crepe med. band 7.5cm x 2m 1x gloves plastic disp. pair…

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Quickit First Aid Kit 25 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 737115

CONTENTS: First aid pamphlet x 1 Adhesive strip plaster x 10 Adhesive knucke plaster x 1 Adhesive square plaster x 1 Adhesive dressing x 2 Alcohol pad x 4 CPR face shield x 1 Splinter probes x 2 Made in China Trafalger First Aid 1300 361 899

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First Aid Kit Travel 75 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 726815

…balls 10 Cotton buds 1 CPR shield 1 Disposable latex gloves pair 1 Eye pad 1 First aid guide 1 Gauze swab 5cm x 2 1 Notepad 25 pages 1 Pencil 1 Resealable bag - small 1 Resealable bag - medium 10 Safety pins 2 Splinter probes 1 Triangle bandage 1 Tweezers 5 Wound wipes 1 Wound dressing Made in China

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Johnson & Johnson Cotton Buds 150

Catalogue Number: 505303

…To help ensure safe use hold the swab about 12mm from the tip.Use gently to remove visible dirt wax around the outer surface of the ear. Avoid probing deeply into the ear canal. Doning may push wax dirt deeper into the ear canal obstruct hearing. Do not use inside the ear canal of children. Should…

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Trafalgar First Aid Sport Kit 128 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 966600

…Pad 1 x Fabric Dressing Strip 1 x First Aid Guide 4 x Gauze Swab 7.5cm 2pc 1 x Instant Ice Pack 1 x Island Dressing 4 x Non-Adherent Pad 1 x Rescue Blanket 10 x Safety Pins 2 x Saline Pods 2 x Splinter Probes 2 x Sunscreen Sachets 1 x Scissors 1 x Triangular Bandage 1 x Tweezers 1 x Wound Dressing

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