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"Preservative Free Eye Drops"

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Refresh Eye Drops 0.4ml 30 Pack

Catalogue Number: 536247

…you use. Refresh eye drops are preservative free and will not cause allergies or adverse reactions associated with eye drop preservatives. People with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers can confidently use refresh eye drops. Why Sterile Single-Use Containers Eye drops are prone to bacterial…

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Optive Fusion Lubricant Eye Drops 30 x 0.4ml

Catalogue Number: 933511

Optive Fusion Eye Drops, Combination formula to provide instant relief of dry, irritated and gritty eyes. - Helps maintainhydration - Provides sustained protection - Promotes eye surface restoration - Compatible with contact lenses - Preservative -free for sensitive eyes - Can be used for up to 6…

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Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil 25ml

Catalogue Number: 938607

…Carotenoids , two potent antioxidants that help protect the skin at a cellular level - 100 pure. Free from petrolatum, mineral oils, silicon, chemicals, SLS, animal derived ingredient, synthetic preservatives and synthetic parabens - From Rosehip crops that are grown wild in uncultivated fields non…

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Cromo Fresh Preservative Free Allergy Eye Drops 10ml

Catalogue Number: 978662

…from the eyes. - Safe: Preservative and Phosphate free, therefore avoids the potential for further eye irritation - Convenient: the only preservative-free treatment for allergic eyes in a bottle - ideal for treatment on-the-go - Economical: precisely delivers at least 300 sterile drops through the…

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Systane Eye Drops 0.8ml Vial 28

Catalogue Number: 735608

…Lubricant Eye Drops is preservative free, making it particularly suitable for regular use for those who experience sensitive to preservatives. All-day comfort. Say good-bye to gritty, burning, dry eye discomfort.. Systane Unit Dose Lubricant Eye Drops form a unique soft gel shield to keep eyes

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Hylo-Fresh 10ml

Catalogue Number: 892387

Preservative-free HYLO-FRESH eye drops are advanced new treatments for dry eyes in a revolutionary new continuous monodose device. Preservative and phosphate-free High viscosity for long-lasting lubrication without impairment of vision Sterile delivery through the unique COMOD multi-dose application…

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Poly Gel Dry Eye 30 X 0.5g

Catalogue Number: 651416

Preservative - Free Lubricating Eye Gel Long Lasting Relief for Dry, Irritated Eyes Indications Has been specifically formulated to provide long lasting relief from the symptoms associated with dry irritated eyes. Dosage Instil 1 or 2 drops in the affected eyes as needed or as directed by your…

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Cellufresh Eye Drops 30 X 0.4ml

Catalogue Number: 511244

Sterile eye drops single use containers for relief of moderate dry eye. Indications Make sure container is intact before use. To open, completely twist off tab, do not pull off. Instil 1 drop in the affected eyes as frequently as required. Never save unused contents. Do not reuse. Dispose of…

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Novatears Lubricant Eye Drop 3ml

Catalogue Number: 049958

…and quickly on the eye - pleasant, warm, silky feeling with no stinging or blurring - Small droplet size to help minimise spillover - Use for up to 6 months after opening INGREDIENTS: Contains: Perfluorohexyloctane EyeSol,100 v/v DOSING: Administer 1 drop in each affected eye up to 4 times daily.…

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Genteal Lubricating Eye Drop 0.3% 15ml

Catalogue Number: 578370

Dry Eye Drops Gentle Relief Non-Irritating Preservative Free moisturising eye drops Indications For the temporay relief of discomfort due to minor irritatons of the eye from exposure to wind, sun or other irritants. For use as a protectant against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye.

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Optrex Advance For Tired Preservative Free Eye Drops 10ml

Catalogue Number: 202146

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Celluvisc 0.4ml 30 Pack

Catalogue Number: 521242

Celluvisc is Preservative Free to avoid the risk of preservative induced irritation. It is specially formulated for the relief of severe dry eye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eye drops for relief of severe dry eye. Single use containers. STERILE.…

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Optifresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops 30 x 0.4ml

Catalogue Number: 176667

…irritation and discomfort due to Dry Eye. With its specially designed formulations, Optifresh delivers long lasting moisture that lubricates, hydrates the surface cells of the eye and provides extended protection from Dry Eye syndrome. For moderate to severe dry eyes - Preservative-free sterile…

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Hylo-Forte 10ml

Catalogue Number: 813381

Preservative-free HYLO-FORTE eye drops are advanced new treatments for dry eyes in a revolutionary new continuous monodose device. For severe or chronic dry eye or for use after surgery Preservative and phosphate-free High viscosity for long-lasting lubrication without impairment of vision Sterile…

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Viscotears Gel pf 0.6ml Single Use Vial 30

Catalogue Number: 627131

…sore, gritty, dry eyes Indications Preservative free single dose unit eye drops Sterile eye drops 30 x 0.6ml The initial soothing sensation is prolonged by the long action of the liquid gel in the eye.Only 3-4 applications per day generally give complete protection against dry eye discomfort. Dosage…

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