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Polident Adhesive Cream Fresh Mint 60g

Catalogue Number: 524066

Denture adhesive cream. fresh mint. Dosage Polident adhesive can be used on wet or dry dentures. Squeeze 3 short strips 5-10mm on to each denture,away from the edges. Adjust length of strips according to individual needs. apply sparingly. do not overuse. press dentures in place hold firmly for about…

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Polident Denture Cleanser Fresh Active Express 36 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 593065

Fresh Active Polident Denture Cleanser 3mins or Overnight. Anti-bacterial Denture Odour Control Super Strength with Stain Fighting Enzymes Leaves dentures minty fresh Indications - Anti-bacterial denture odour control - Super strength with stain fighting enzymes - Removes even stubborn stains in…

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Polident Denture Cleanser Whitening 36 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 727432

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Polident Adhesive Flavour Free 60g

Catalogue Number: 504061

Polident Poli Grip Flavour free. Provides comfort, protection and confidence. Dosage Can be used on either wet or dry dentures. Squeeze three short strips on to each denture, away from denture edges. Adjust length of strips according to individual needs. Press dentures in place and hold firmly down…

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Polident Max Seal Denture Adhesive 40g

Catalogue Number: 951451

…On upper denture compared to a standard Polident Denture Adhesive Cream in laboratory tests Compared to no denture adhesive How to Use Polident MAX SEAL Denture Adhesive To apply to a full denture upper or lower: - Clean and dry your dentures - Apply Polident MAX SEAL as shown in the diagram, not…

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Power Super Foods Cacao Power Powder 125g

Catalogue Number: 109713

Most cocoa powder is processed via the Dutch method meaning heat extracted up to 150C, sometimes with solvents, thus destroying most of the nutrients and antioxidants and potentially contaminating the end product. Cacao Power products have an antioxidant ORAC score of 95,500. To put that into…

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