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Pigeon Soft Touch Glass Bottle 240ml

Catalogue Number: 294265

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Pigeon Slim Neck Peristaltic Glass Bottle 120ml

Catalogue Number: 724395

An ergonomic design made of strengthened borosilicate glass, highly durable with high heat resistance, and can stand any type of sterilisation method. 120ml/240ml. Includes the original Peristaltic teat S, M which has a round hole at the teat tip.

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Pigeon Softouch Peristaltic Plus Bottle 160ml

Catalogue Number: 470436

…closest teat to a mothers nipple to reduce nipple confusion and promote easy bottle feeding. Made from a strengthened borosilicate glass the same glass used in glass measuring jugs in an ergonomic design. Includes an SS Teat. Includes an SS Teat. The SS teat tip is a round hole, meaning the milk…

$21.99 Add to Cart

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