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Reynard Soft Patient Wipes 100

Catalogue Number: 797748

Reynard Soft Disposable Patient Wipes are one of the softest and strongest wipes on the market. Chemical free, durable, large, dry and soft they are perfect for babies all you need do is add water. There are 100 wipes per pack, each wipe is 33 x 29cm High quality and non-woven Ultra soft, strong and…

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Reynard Supersoft Disposable Patient Wipes 50

Catalogue Number: 781135

Reynard disposale patient wipes - Super Soft Soft patient wipes for everyday cleansing. Size: 33 x 29cm 50 clothes.

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Reynard Incontinence Wipes Pack 25

Catalogue Number: 886331

…integrity and keeping it free from irritation and discomfort. Incontinence wipes are intended to be used to clean the patient hygienically prior to placement of a new pad or conventional underwear. These pre-moistened wipes leave the skin feeling soft, fresh and smooth and replaces the need for…

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Reynard Shampoo Cap Rinse Free

Catalogue Number: 792686

…washing. - Complete bathing and cleansing system - when used in conjunction with Reynard Bath in Bed wipes, we offer a complete in-bed waterless bathing process that is less stressful to the patient and carer. No wet sheets to change. The rinse free Shampoo Cap is ideal for cleansing when washing…

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Elastoplast Abc Plaster 14 X 22cm Single

Catalogue Number: 561594

…To remove the plaster, lift up one corner and strip straight off. Any residue remaining on the skin can be wiped off with medical alchol or skin oil. Warnings Should not be used by patients intolerant of arnica or peppe preparations. Additional application of heat, for example by an electric heating…

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