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Elastoplast Sport Adjustable Knee Strap Black

Catalogue Number: 297219

The Elastoplast Sport Knee Strap work to provide relief of patella tendonitis, commonly known as runners knee. The adjustable knee strap provides targeted support to the knee cap as well as a custom fit for comfort. The strap is made from soft touch, latex free, and moisture releasing materials such…

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Futuro 09195ENR Dual Strap Knee Support

Catalogue Number: 130968

Helps relieve patella tendon pain, tendonitis and general knee pain with targeted upper and lower knee compression. The FUTURO Dual Strap Knee Support is designed with two straps that are equipped with a gel pad, delivering targeted compression to your upper and lower knee so you can stay on track…

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Dick Wicks Activeasae Magnetic Power Knee Strap One Size

Catalogue Number: 393386

Power knee strap with 5 high powered 1000 gauss magnets. FEATURES BENEFITS: - Knee cap tracking control. - 5 high power 1000 gauss magnets graduated compression and pressure over the patellar tendon. - Assists in treatment of Chondromalacia Patella, patellar tendonitis, Osgoode-Schlatter, general…

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Futuro 01039ENR Performance Comfort Knee Support

Catalogue Number: 812030

…support. - Easy to put on and take off. - Patella shield provides extra kneecap support. - Flexible comfort straps adjust for a personalised fit. - Adjustable 33-45.7cm. For right or left knee, this support has been designed with three adjustable straps in order to create a customised fit for most…

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Futuro 09039ENR Sport Knee Support

Catalogue Number: 687516

…support over knee,smooth side facinf skin and with single strap to the outside of the leg. Place round hole over kneecap. While holding support in place so that hole remains over knee cap,wrap middle strap under knee and attach Velcro brand strap to support. Dosage Wash with mild soap in warmnot hot…

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