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Osteomol Paracetamol Tablets 665 mg 96

Catalogue Number: 788800

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Herron Paracetamol Gold Tabsules 60

Catalogue Number: 755367

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Chemists Own Paracetamol Tab 96

Catalogue Number: 703746

Chemists Own Paracetamol Capseals for effective for pain relief. May be used during pregnancy and by breast feeding mothers. Helps reduce fever. Relieves symptoms of colds and flu. Is aspirin free and kind to the stomach. Provides effective temorary relief of pain and discomfort associated with:…

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Parapane Paracetamol 500mg 100 Caplets

Catalogue Number: 920995

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Panadol Osteo 665mg 96 Caplets

Catalogue Number: 652878

…effective relief of persistent pain associated with Osteoarthritis. Each capsule shaped tablet caplet contains Paracetamol 665mg. No gluten, lactose or sugar. Indications Panadol Osteo is a sustained release formulation that provides effective relief from persistent pain for up to 8 hours. Suitable…

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Pharmacy Choice Paracetamol 100 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 704130

Pharmacy Choice Paracetamol tablets provide temporary relief of pain associated with headache, arthritis, muscular pains and neuralgic conditions. Reduces fever Adults: Keep to the recommended dose. Do not take this medicine for longer than a few days at a time unless advised by a doctor. Children…

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Trust Kids Paracetamol 1-5 Years 200ml

Catalogue Number: 497120

TRUST Paracetamol 1-5 Years - Stawberry Vanilla Flavour - 200mL - For effective relief of fever and pain in young children. No artificial colour - Sugar free - Alcohol free. Measuring cup inside - Contains Paracetamol 24mg/mL.

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Trust Kids Paracetamol 6-12 Years 200ml

Catalogue Number: 860153

TRUST Paracetamol 6-12 Years - Stawberry Flavour - 200mL. For effective temporary relief of fever and pain associated with: Headache - Earache - Immunisation - Symptoms of Cold Flu. Colour free - Sugar free - Alcohol free. Each 5mL Contains: PARACETAMOL 240mg 48mg per 1mL.

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Trust Osteomol Paracetamol 665mg Bottle 96 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 237703

…spaced throughout the day. Not recommended for use in those under 12 years of age. Do not take: If you are allergic to paracetamol or taking other medicines containing paracetamol. Ask a doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to use this medicine if you are taking any other medication or have…

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Chemists Own Paracetamol Geltabs 96 Pack

Catalogue Number: 980286

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Maxigesic Paracetamol & Ibuprofen 12 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 936345

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Chemists Own Children Paracetamol 1 To 5 Year Suspension 200ml

Catalogue Number: 778645

Chemist Own Childrens Paracetamol Suspension 1 - 5 Years for temporany relief of pain and fever in children. Tutti Frutti / Vanilla flavour. Alcohol free, Asprin free, Colour free and Sugar free. Syringe medication dispenser provided. Dosage: Keep to the recommended dose. May be taken every 4-6…

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Pharmacy Choice Children Paracetamol 1 To 5 Years 200ml

Catalogue Number: 773138

Pharmacy Choice Childrens Paracetamol suspension 1 to 5 years 200ml For temporary relief of pain and fever in children Strawberry vanilla flavour. Pharmacy Choice childrens suspension 1 to 5 years is for pain fever associated with teething, headache, earache, immunisation and the symptoms of cold…

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Panadol Optizorb 96 Caplets

Catalogue Number: 958890

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