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Handee Ultra Towel White Twin Pack

Catalogue Number: 648262

Thick and strong. 2 ply paper towels 2 rolls x 60 sheets each 22.5cm x 21.5cm Indications Handees 2ply double quilted towels are thick, absorbent and super strong - even when wet. Handee is the easy and hygienic way to clean up all your kitchen and household mess. Keep it handy, Absorbing spills,…

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Ultralux Paper Towel Pack 2

Catalogue Number: 721062

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Finalgon Cream 50g

Catalogue Number: 583158

…personal reaction on a small area and wait for at least 5 minutes before use. Apply thinly onto the affected area using your hands, a cloth or paper towels. Do not rub in. Do not Apply to broken skin. Use about 5 mm for an area the size of your hand. Keep away from eyes, nose , lips and other…

Consumer Medical Information

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KP24 Combing Solution 150ml

Catalogue Number: 603457

…hair into segments and comb at an angle close to the scalp to remove any adult lice and their eggs. Regularly wipe off any excess product onto a paper towel. Any adult lice will be held by the product and should be visible. Apply KP24 Combing Solution as needed and repeat the combing process. Repeat…

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