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Novalac Gold

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Novalac Gold

Novalac Infant Formula Gold 2 800g

Catalogue Number: 792674

Novalac Gold Nutritionally complete for babies 6-12 months. Novalac protein source is skimmed milk. Feeding Guide Age months 6 months Feeds per day 3 Level scoops per bottle 7 Cooled boiled water ml 210 Ecah bottle to be prepared individually. 4.8g measuring scoop enclosed

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Novalac Infant Formula Gold 1 800g

Catalogue Number: 772678

Nutritionally complete - 800g Gold 1 Birth to 5 months The protein source in Novalac is whey dominant cows milk. It is specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of your formula fed infant. From the suppliers of Elevit. Use within 2 weeks of opening. Store in a dry cool place. Bayer…

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