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Nivea Intensive

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Nivea Intensive

Nivea Soft Creme Jar 200ml

Catalogue Number: 614878

Nivea Soft Creme offers rich moisture care with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and is ideal for use on face, hands and body. NIVEA Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme is ph neutral and dermatological approved. How it works: - Use NIVEA Soft on face, hands and body - Get rich moisture care with Jojoba Oil…

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Nivea Men Moisturiser Sensitive 75ml

Catalogue Number: 619670

Nivea Men Sensitive Protective Moisturiser SPF 15 protects the skin moisturises intensively, containing 0 alcohol leaving no burning feeling on the skin. Sensitive Protective Moisturiser SPF 15 Irritated skin Dont tolerate it. It begins with you. What do you get The new formula with 0 alcohol does…

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Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion 400ml

Catalogue Number: 505327

…dry skin with almond oil to soften skin. Do you want to give your dry skin intensive care Try Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Lotion to meet your dry skins special needs: - This rich and creamy formula with Hydra IQ intensively nourishes to perceptibly reduce the roughness of your dry skin - The formula…

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Nivea SOS Hand Balm Rescue & Care 50ml

Catalogue Number: 742127

Nivea Hand SOS intensive balm rescues extremely dry and chapped hands, providing instant relief and intensive moisturisation for soft and supple skin The quickly absorbed, concentrated formula contains an effective combination of Glycerin, Panthenol and Calendula Oil that: Instantly relieves dry and…

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Nivea Lip Care Sun Spf 30+ 4.8g

Catalogue Number: 779208

Lip Care Sun reliably protects the lips against intensive sun rays and prevents moisture loss Helps protect against sunburn and light-induced premature skin ageing Has nourishing Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help prevent moisture loss Provides long - lasting UV protection even from extreme sun rays…

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Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion 400ml

Catalogue Number: 835687

…Are you looking for long lasting soft skin Try Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion for irressistibly soft skin. - The new non-greasy softening formula now with double the amount of precious Shea Butter, supplies your skin long lastingly with intensive moisture - After regular use you experience a…

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Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection 4.8g

Catalogue Number: 654870

Nivea Repair and Protection SPF 25 lip balm with Vitamin E offers long-lasting intensive moisture. Hydra IQ soothes and nourishes dry, chapped lips, leaving them soft, smooth and well protected. Nivea Repair Protection Do you want to soothe your dry lips and give them nourishing long-lasting…

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Nivea Sun Moisturising Lotion 50+ 200ml

Catalogue Number: 950323

Nivea Sun Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion is water resistant and combines UVA and UVB filters that shield the skin from sun damage with rich moisturisers and vitamin E that protect the skin from dehydration to ensure that youre better protected. -Broad Spectrum Protection for the health of your skin.…

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Nivea Men Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel 200ml

Catalogue Number: 729512

Nivea Men Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel is a high performance gel formulated to deliver an extreme level of closeness while helping to protect the skin against irritation. Extreme Comfort Shaving Gel For men who want an extra close shave with less irritation What do you get The high performance gel is…

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Nivea Cellular Anti Age Eye Cream 15ml

Catalogue Number: 943973

New Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Eye Cream visibly smooths fine lines under the eye, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, noticeably firms improves skin renewal. With Hyaluronic Acid and Magnolia Extract. Youthful skin and young cells Visibly younger looking skin is a reflection of cellular vitality deep…

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Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream Sens SPF30+ 50ml

Catalogue Number: 900415

Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF30 specially formulated for dry sensitive skin for intensive nourishment and care. Enriched with Shea Butter and Hydra IQ to nourish the skin, now with SPF 30. Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream enriched with Shea Butter Hydra IQ:…

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Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream SPF30+ 50ml

Catalogue Number: 999312

…Minerals protects the skin from external influences. See and feel sensational fresh skin - Skin is intensively moisturised and refreshed, looking healthy and beautiful The Nivea Philosophy Nivea uses ingredients inspired by nature to create high performance products that bring out the natural beauty…

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Nivea Vital Triple Action Soy+ Day Care 50ml

Catalogue Number: 703107

Triple action . The Proven effect of Soy. With active UVA/UVB filters. Vital for Mature Skin. Perfect Radiance Intensive Day Care. Visibly reduces wrinkles, firms the skin prevents pigmentation marks. Soy Poteins Anti-Pigmentation. Indications Stimulates major skin cell renewal processes, which slow…

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Nivea Cellular Anti Age Day Cream SPF 15 50ml

Catalogue Number: 949873

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream with SPF 15 enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Magnolia Extract reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and improves skin renewal. Young-looking skin is a visible reflection of cellular vitality deep within the skins tissues. Scientific evidence proves that young cells…

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Nivea Pure and Natural Regenerating Night Cream 50ml

Catalogue Number: 936100

…harnesses the hydrating properties of Argan Oil for overnight skin regeneration. Skin care expertise meets nature. For its Pure Natural range, Nivea experts have combined 100 years of skin research with effective ingredients from nature. At night, skin is at its most receptive to moisture, regular…

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