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Nivea SOS Hand Balm Rescue & Care 50ml

Catalogue Number: 742127

Nivea Hand SOS intensive balm rescues extremely dry and chapped hands, providing instant relief and intensive moisturisation for soft and supple skin The quickly absorbed, concentrated formula contains an effective combination of Glycerin, Panthenol and Calendula Oil that: Instantly relieves dry and…

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Nivea Hand Cream Smooth Nourishing 100ml

Catalogue Number: 496010

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Nivea Hand Anti Age Q10 Plus Cream 100ml

Catalogue Number: 510477

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Nivea Soft Creme Jar 200ml

Catalogue Number: 614878

Nivea Soft Creme offers rich moisture care with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and is ideal for use on face, hands and body. NIVEA Soft Intensive Moisturising Creme is ph neutral and dermatological approved. How it works: - Use NIVEA Soft on face, hands and body - Get rich moisture care with Jojoba Oil…

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