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Allersearch Ventalair Max Nebuliser Therapy System

Catalogue Number: 561413

Code: AE650-044 Description: VENTALAIR MAX NEBULISER Recommended for customers who want a reliable nebuliser therapy system for regular use in the home. Features: - Nebulising time approx. 10 mins per 4-5ml of medication - Operates from 240v - Sturdy case designed for easy carrying - For frequent…

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Breath-A-Tech Portable Nebuliser

Catalogue Number: 215720

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Able Spacer Child Mask Rubber Latex Free

Catalogue Number: 718075

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Able Spacer Universal Aerosol Chamber

Catalogue Number: 761300

For use with Metered Dose Inhalers. With carerful use, spacer expected to last 12 months. Indications Designed to help deliver medication from designed to help deliver medication from your metered dose inhaler MDI to your lungs by improving co-ordination and medication depostition. Dosage Single…

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Allersearch Nebuliser Mask Kit Adult

Catalogue Number: 585317

…to ensure optimal delivery Features: - Can be used with most nebuliser pumps - Soft mask with nasal clip for better fit - Tubing designed to prevent kinking - High quality, long-life components - Set consists of mask, tubing and nebuliser bowl - For effective and reliable medication delivery every…

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Bosistos Euco Steam Inhaler Combo Pack

Catalogue Number: 732002

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Able Nebuliser Kit With Mask Adult Kit

Catalogue Number: 860186

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Able Nebuliser Kit With Mask Child Kit

Catalogue Number: 831101

Fits all nebulisers. New Vixone nebuliser bowl. Faster delivery of medication. Simple to use.

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Vicks Vapo Steam Inhalant Double Strength 100ml

Catalogue Number: 760916

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Breath A Tech Child Mask

Catalogue Number: 529210

For use with breath-a-tech spacer and standard puffers in the treatment of asthma. Makes the administration of medication easier and safer-distressed or reluctant children are able to receive the benefits of both the medication and the spacer. Allows the user to breathe more naturally as the face…

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Breath A Tech Spacer

Catalogue Number: 569211

The compact, efficient spacer for use with standard puffers in the treatment of asthma. Suitable for all ages. Reduces possible medication side effects, ensures more efficient use of medication, eliminates the need to co-ordinate inhalation and dosage releases. Compact and easy to carry, easy to…

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Mentholaire Vaporiser Fluid 200ml

Catalogue Number: 545316

For use with all steam vaporizers. A specially formulated inhalant medication for use in vaporizers. Soothing medicated steam helps relieve nasal congestion. Dosage Place 5-10ml into the medication holder directly below steam hole in vaporizer. Safety Warning: In the interest of public safety the…

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Vicks Vapo Steam Inhalant 100ml

Catalogue Number: 635346

Inhalant for use with vicks warm steam vaporizers vicks cool mist vaporizers Helps reduce nasal congestion Soothing vapors Manufactured in australia for kaz inc. under license from the procter gamble company. Vicks and vaposteam are trademarks of the protector gamble company. website:…

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Vicks Vaporizer V188

Catalogue Number: 678214

Pure steam action for relief of cold and flu symptoms. Advanced safety feature include: Unique air intake design provides 25 cooler steam than conventional vaporizers : Automatic shut off: Lock on cap : Night light. The Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer only requires to be filled 12-14 hours of operation.…

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