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"Natures Way Kids Trio"

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Natures Way Kids Smart Trio 180 Chewable Burstlets

Catalogue Number: 717943

Trio kids smart is specifically formulated to assist in providing children with adequate levels of vital omega 3 nutrients dha andepa. These can help to support and maintain healthy brain function eye health , nervoous system health, learning, healthy behaviour and temperament in some children.…

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Natures Way Kids Smart Sugarfree Multivitamins Trio 75 Pastilles

Catalogue Number: 344165

…their nutritional intake with supplements. Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multi Vitamin TRIO provides essential vitamins and minerals for a nutritional boost. It is 99.9 sugar free and comes in 3 delicious fruit flavours. Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multi-Vitamin TRIO comes in three fruity flavours and is 99.9…

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