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Nasal Isotonic

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Nasal Isotonic

Narium Saline Nasal Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 564682

Non medicated isotonic pH buffered. Indications Cleanses moisturises nasal passages. Soothing mist spray. Provides relief from dry inflamed nasal membranes due to colds, allergies, low humidity, minor nose bleeds, over use of nasal decongestants other nasal irritations. Contains no harsh ingredients…

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Fess Sinu Cleanse Isotonic Wash Kit 60

Catalogue Number: 842991

Fess Sinu-Cleanse Isotonic Wash is a gentle, non-medicated isotonic wash that helps relive nasal and sinus congestion. Fess Sinu-Cleanse Isotonic Wash is an isotonic saline solution that has a lower salt concentration and is ideal for washing and daily cleansing of the nasal and sinus cavities.…

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Flo Travel Nasal Spray 20ml

Catalogue Number: 254490

…Travel Nasal Spray helps hydrate the nasal tissues for 4 hours and can help shorten the duration of cold symptoms. Flo Travels two key ingredients help keep the nose happy, healthy and hydrated. It contains: Carrageenan red seaweed extract binds to the nasal tissues and retains moisture. Isotonic,

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Sterimar Physo Seawater Nasal Spray 100ml

Catalogue Number: 650944

Daily nasal hygiene 100ml no preservatives drug free. Indications Sterimar is a natural seawater spray that is sterilized and made isotonic for a daily nasal hygiene, its designed to fit any nose even babies, a breath of sea air to help you brath more easily. Dosage insert nozzle press and hold…

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Flo Saline Plus Nasal Spray 30ml

Catalogue Number: 790740

30ml Natural relief - Isotonic Saline Solution with minerals. Helps loosen and reduce the thickness of excess nasla mucus. Helps wash away pollens,dust and other particles which can cause allergies and hayfever. Helps moisten dry nasal tissues. Is not medicated or habit forming and can be used with…

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Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit 12 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 728022

…free isotonic irrigation solution for washing the nasal passages and sinus cavities. It is natural and gentl to use and helps clear mucus and irritants to relieve congestion. will not sting or burn delicate nasal tissues may be used during preganancy and while breast feeding is more gentle on nasal

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